Letter To The Doctor!!

To The Doctor Who failed to save my mother’s life,

I can’t refer to you by name because it would be unfair to you. While I’m sure you’re used to praise for your “lifesaving” treatments, I, on the other hand, have only one question for you: What the hell have you done to my mother?

In case you have no recollection which ‘my mother’ I am referring to— as I’m certain you perform miracles daily but mine is the one you ruined.

Yes, doctor, you angel of a man, did failed to save my mother’s life. Her infection in lungs and the sternum infection that developed soon after had nothing at all to do with your care. In fact, your hospital has assured our lawyers and their lawyers’ lawyers it had nothing at all to do with the diet.

The duration of around 30 days, my mother struggled hard.. She wanted to live only to witness the fulfillment of my dreams, but unfortunately she failed…
We failed!!!

I remember every dark moment and I know it’s really personal but being beparvah, it’s easy to share…

When I was taking her to the hospital doing with my dad, I was talking to my mom…I was telling her to not to worry at all … Things will be perfect very soon … As she was suffering from breathing problem, she was facing difficulty while talking but she said one thing that she had a feeling that doctor there might  put her on ventilator..which happened eventually just after 12hours from her admission…

Even in 2008 when I went to attend my graduation,  left for Lucknow while she was in ICCU and after admission I called the doctor from there and got to know that she was recovering well… The same incident happened when I was in second year….. The doctor was of the view that if she is been admitted for the third time then it would be difficult to save her and this was the third time!!!!

For 30 odd days she fight hard… Everyday I used to go to the hospital with a hope that some good news might be waiting for me…even if it’s a small development….

I think this hope gave me and my family the strength to fight among with my mom… She was in complete senses and she knew that a house, a family is waiting for her… She was aware of all the incomplete works she is supposed to complete in her lifetime… But at the same time she also knew that she won’t be able to come back….

I only used to weep her tears from the corner of her eyes every day… Used tho give her false hope.. may be because I didn’t want to encounter the truth…

There were many things in between, loads of emotion exchanged…. But when the fatal day came … I got a call from the hospital at around 2 am & I was informed that she just suffered  successive cardiac arrests …and they e trying their best and will inform me about the final result soon….

Finally,  around 3am I got informed that despite all their efforts and last moment adrenalin injections…she died..

For few moment I was not sure how to react, how to tell my family especially my dad, my elder sister….eventually I told them & unfortunately I witnessed my dad crying out his heart…. Somehow I manage to control my emotions and did few calls to other relatives and with the first light of the morning I went to the bank to withdraw money and thereafter went to the hospital to take my mom back home ..

I know that we have tried our best… I just want to thank the doctors who have supported us throughout but failed to achieve what was expected….


Angry Offspring


6 thoughts on “Letter To The Doctor!!”

  1. You are a great son and your mom(wherever she is,) and dad are proud of you.

    Your account of what happened makes me feel very sad too. I understand that these things happen despite every good intention and sometimes because of negligence. Because we can’t understand life. We can never know what lies ahead for sure. I pray for you, for the doctor, for your family and for every one of us. May she rest in peace.

    Love and light 🙂


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