Her Dream !!!

        She was a journalist by birth,
She loves to read and write on random
       issues going around… She
represented her school many a times
    She has been the youngest school
reporter…At a very small age, she took
    some big interviews which later
got published, she wrote about love, and
    emotions and all of them were raw

She had seen many things in her life, 
    had experienced loads of things
at teenage and developed strong ideas
    about issues that she witnessed.
Very few could dare to face her up as…
   she had a sharp tongue and honesty

As she grown up she realised that she
  cannot become a journalist, she cannot take up writing as a profession
   but the best part was that she kept
on writing on her blog on various issues
I admire this spirit of her, my love and
    respect for her will never gonna
end… She inspired me tho write & gave
   me enough space that itself gave
me issues on which I could write!!!!
  She always used to tell me that
she loves to read about things that are
    going around, reading newspaper
was her habit and not something which
    she should read for any sort of
competitive examination!!! Today I am
    writing this with a hope that she
will read and appreciate that there is
     someone who will always be
there to fulfil her dream… the dream of
    publishing a book in her life time

Loads of love & wishes!!!
Thank you!



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