Anatomy of Unconditional love!!

Unconditional love is rare and difficult thing.  Parents profess to love their children unconditionally. Couples in the first blush of new love may make dewy-eyed promises to love each other for better or for worse.  But how often do such promises give way to betrayal and recrimination?   Still, I believe it’s an amazing gift when it does happen. We all want someone who will love us forever, through thick and thin, no matter what we do or become

Unconditional love is the highest form of love.  I believe that this is an important attribute for all mankind do that they come closer to God. But, the discourse of unconditional love is not easy and require infinite patience and boundless capacity to forgive. But humans are vulnerable.

Unconditional love isn’t all its cracked up to be. Don’t people want to be loved and appreciated for who and what they are?  When somebody loves me unconditionally, doesn’t that mean they don’t care who I am or what I do and they are blind to my particularity?   But isn’t love about delighting in the particularity of the other?

But just because you love somebody unconditionally, doesn’t mean you don’t care about what they are or what they do.  Presumably, if you love them,  you want them to be their best self.

It seems to me that bad behavior on the part of the beloved  has to have consequences or else the lover becomes a mere patsy.   Think of battered women who won’t give up on their abusive partners.  That is not a model of “unconditional” love, that’s a model of person with a damaged sense of self-worth who is, perhaps, in a state denial,  

Unconditional love can be tough and demanding.  When our children do bad things, we punish them.  We give them stern messages.  But we still love them. Unconditional love may be selfless,  but it isn’t self destructive. 

Some people really seem to have an amazing capacity for selfless love.  It is also important to stress, though,  that unconditional love is a gift, not an entitlement. Nobody  really deserves  unconditional love.  Nobody has the right to demand that you love them selflessly.   That would be, well,  pretty selfish of them, wouldn’t it?   

The more I am spending time alone, my love for her is increasing…. Am becoming strong with every passing second… I am actually enjoying being a possessor of selfless love for her…

My heart full of warm wishes for her success, I really have no clue what is going to unfold but one thing that I am certain of is that come what may… I will be there for her forever!!!

Loads if wishes & tonnes of love!!


20 thoughts on “Anatomy of Unconditional love!!”

    1. Thank you….
      It’s an amazing combination of pleasure and pain…. But whenever I think of her smiling face and twinkling eyes which often shrink when she laughs .. It have me the strength to continue!! keep moving!!

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  1. Unconditional love is the love which our parents have for us. Nobody can love us as deeply and unconditionally as our parents. Sooner or later, our beloved will lose patience, but our parents support us in every phase of our lives. I think that kind of love is worthy to be acknowledged as unconditional love.

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    1. Nicely concluded!!!
      I think we need tho inculcate this kind of love in every relationship and I believe it’s possible… It will make many things easy and love & humanity can be promote… Things will change!!! Every morning will be a special one…. Something similar to what thou have experienced recently !!
      God bless..

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      1. But it just happen automatically I guess… I think it is something which we cannot plan…
        I always kept myself away from this kind of feelings because I believed that it will make me weak… But I don’t know how and when it happened…. I didn’t even get tho know!!
        Wish you all the luck… God bless!!!

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  2. I feel there is no anatomy or skeleton of love. So the title is an Oxymoron! I also feel that we humans have need of attaching labels like “unconditional” because we have invented so many forms of love. Love is one.

    I feel I agree with you on certain points. Love means being able to help others. If you love someone unconditionally and let them slip into the darkness, alcohol or drugs, it’s not really love.

    Sometimes Guru is strict and sometimes he is soft but he loves his disciple always. Life is also a Guru, we don’t always get what we want but what we need. Life teaches us. Life is love. Life is God. God is love.

    Love is patient and kind. Love is eternal.

    Always a pleasure.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  3. Indeed!! True and unconditional love is a mixture of pain and pleasure. Mother and child and love of some pure soul’s love is indeed, unconditional in this world.

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