Rajni Kanta …!!

          Who is Ranji Kanta ??
Well, can this be a question?  The only
     answer is a big No. Even if you
are not an Indian or even if you are not
     a person who has interest in films

The answer is that, he is a superstar,
    and perhaps one of the most
popular face in the film industry, be it
   bollywood or lollywood !!! He is a
brand in himself… & perhaps he has the
   most number of fan clubs all over
the world when we compare with other
   filmy stars in India or any celebrity!!

He is famous for his huge popularity in
     films, he is famous for the jokes
we often share and enjoy, he brings us
    joy and happiness and also makes
us cry with his powerful roles and at
   at times by the pathetic action scenes.. He is the most important icon
  when it comes to his world of films.

Frankly speaking, I rarely watch films
     but I cannot deny that I have watched his films and what I felt that
    he may be hugely popular, but I always wonder why and how?????????
     I never liked his films nor read
a single joke on him…. I knew that he
  is a style icon and heartthrobs of
many youngsters from all across India.

But one aspect I came tho know about
  him which rarely I have heard from
anybody is the quality of his being so
    honest and his conviction about
his work, his faith on his fans …. He is
    at all insecure of his success…
This amazing fact can be proved when
     we often saw him without makeup
he looks pathetic, an old man of 64 yrs.
    Bald headed man with a dark skin
He rarely care tho hide his originality..
    He knows that his identity is not
dependent on his looks, he knows that
    his work will always prove people
what he is… he handles his popularity
     so well because he possesses
honesty in heart and not at all insecure
   about his success & popular image

This is what comprises Rajni Kanta. His
    calibre & conviction cannot be compared with any other stars from the

This great and superb touchy and vision was an eye opener for me… I consider myself fortunate enough to have a friend ( keeping her identity secret as
always) like her who made me realise this aspect of humanity… I realise that yes there is no doubt that Mr. Rajni Kanta is a great man but my friend is also too big at heart, too sensitive to respect and understand the hidden side which is perhaps the best side…This is yet another true incident that I would love to share because it helped me to realise that how beautiful she is, how matured she is to understand what to learn and what tho unlearn….

Loads of love and respect to her..
Always be indebted to you..


18 thoughts on “Rajni Kanta …!!”

  1. I thought, for a moment, that you were talking about the lady version of superstar.

    I feel he has a charismatic presence. He is charitable and kind hearted. He takes stand against corruption and for poor people and he is truly humble.

    Thanks for this post.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much…
      Am glad that you liked it…
      It is important to be in a position to appreciate such characteristics ….am thankful to her for making me realise and directing me to go the correct direction!!
      Love an n respect!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s not perhaps the correct thing to go to this path .. We both have immediate goals to achieve and if this feeling is allowed tho develop then it may create an impediment…. May time and space will heal and come out with best solutions…
        Am just kidding her in the meantime!!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I understand. The intense and pure energy of love has the power to shape your futures I feel. I don’t know about hers but yours is especially intense and pure love.

        I didn’t get you when you said “kidding.” You make jokes around her?

        Liked by 1 person

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