Road rage is a growing problem today. You must realize that you can’t control another driver’s behavior, but you can control your own. When another driver cuts you off, how you react will determine what happens next. If you are able to back off, take a deep breath, and remain calm, then you can defuse a potentially violent situation. There are few cases that bothered me, disturbed me. These are some few latest incidents that took place on this motherland..

A 22-year-old Nihal Sayyed, resident of Vetalnagar in Chinchwadgaon, was allegedly beaten to death by a group of youths in a purported case of road rage, the Bhosari police have failed to make any headway in identifying and arresting the culprits. This incident occurred on September 23, Nihal, a driver with a pick-up van, was heading to fill CNG in his vehicle at a petrol pump at Dapodi near Dehu Road area when he was accosted by a group of youths near Dharmaveer Sambhaji on the Pune-Mumbai Highway at Kasarwadi around 1 am. The youths apparently pulled him out of his vehicle, beat him up and fled after he lay unconscious and bleeding from the neck. The Bhosari police then rushed to the spot and shifted Nihal to YCM hospital. Two days later, an unconscious Nihal succumbed to his injuries.

It seemed to be a case of road rage involving at least three youths astride a motorcycle and Nihal Sayyed who was driving a Maruti Eco vehicle. From the information we gathered from the passersby, local residents and the person who called the control room, it seems Nihal’s four-wheeler had brushed the two-wheeler of the three youths somewhere near Pimpri, injuring one of them, Angered by this, the trio chased Nihal and caught up with him at Kasarwadi. Here, after an altercation and scuffle between the four, Nihal fell to the ground and suffered injury to his neck and some portion of his head,

In another  apparent case of road rage where  a 36-year-old driver of a cluster bus was beaten up allegedly by five youths in Southeast Delhi’s Badarpur area on Sunday evening after the bus accidentally grazed their Honda City. According to police, initial investigation has revealed that the victim, identified as Dhirendra Kumar, was mercilessly thrashed in front of 30 people. It was found that the victim was attacked with hockey sticks. The victim was rushed to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) trauma centre with fractures on his head and hand.

In May this year, a 42-year-old Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus driver was beaten to death after the bus hit a passing motorcycle in West Delhi’s Mundka area. The motorcycle had apparently moved into the bus lane when it was hit. The motorcyclist and his mother, who was riding pillion, fell, police said. The motorcyclist then assaulted the driver with his helmet.

Two young advocates have filed a PIL before the Delhi High Court seeking directions to the Centre to amend the IPC and the Motor Vehicles Act to “ make necessary, specific and deterrent provisions on road rage”. The PIL was heard by the court of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice R S Endlaw on Wednesday.

The court had previously taken suo motu cognizance of the issue of road rage and the conduct of police. Advocates Abhishek Chaudhary and Harsh Ahuja, who filed the PIL, argued that the suo motu case had not taken up the methods of tackling road rage and the legal framework required. Giving examples of various incidents where road rage caused by minor traffic accidents had led to serious injuries or deaths, the PIL has also sought directions to the Delhi government to create a “test” to check the temperament of the applicants before granting driver’s licence. Before granting the driving licence there should be some kind of test/check of psychology of applicants.

A team having experience in psychology of human behavior should give prior consent before issuing licences. This way, people with anger management issues will not be allowed to drive. Further, the lawyers have suggested that internet-based awareness and publicity programmes can be created to educate people on how road rage is an offence, and to publicly expose those indulging in incidents of road rage. The court has agreed to hear the PIL along with the suo motu case already taken up by the bench.

This is what I am always worried about. Our message should reach to people so that we can develop the feeling of brothwerhood..What is is anger is for?? A sudden rage can ruin entire families and it is, my God !!  Is it coming from arrogance and if yes then from where is such arrogance is coming from?? Where is the consciouness of being  imperfect has gone?? What I really feel is that people have become very short tempered and one of the main reason is certainly the disturbing social fabric, and interpersonal differences. But this sudeen rage will lead to no where but certainly kill humanity…
I may be sounding idealistic but believe me its worthy to implement and develop such feeling than end up killing people. Spread love, respect and compassion  …



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