A Piece From My Heart !!

I know that you would be very happy if

you find me strong and able enough to achieve my goals which I set for me

I know you would feel proud whenever

you will get to know that the “time and space” which  you always used to talk

about has played its role in a positive way !!

I admire your strength and eternal power that despite being confronted with so

issues around, you managed to control over it

you steered time and destiny in a positive direction which will help you to achieve

your goals, I am thankful to god that you are always

surrounded by a great bunch of friends who are actually a gift of the almighty!!

During this dolodrum, I will have to be strong enough

to stand upto my commitments, for my family and also to justify your stand !!

How can I let you go? How can I prove you wrong?

I actually learnt a lot from you, infact  I have grown up a little more, but this

cannot be at the cost of losing you from my life!!

It would be a poor bargain !! I can fight deadly diseases, I can fight shocks, I

can even stand against all odds but not without you !!

You resides in my heart, whever you go, but your memories will never fade !

your next birthday will be celebrated the way I told

you before..on the top of the mountain, in the city called  “queen of  Mountains”

The only difference will be the gift  it will not be the same

I am very much sure about your success because you deserve it..but your worth

is not at all limited to this… it is like just another challenge!!

Be always happy, may loads of love and happiness bestowed upon your soul!!

I will always be there around you to help you and shield you

from all sorts of problem though I know that you are capable & strong enough

to fight back and find your way through the darkness of life!!

I would like to be a part of your struggle, may be it will give me a purpose to live

             I find it so strange that one day we were discussing about how

can someone write a poem for someone? And what’s the point of writing it down

            Do you remember? you said that “often guys are conscious about

being gramatically correct which is not required at all”. Infact you helped him in

            writing that poem… That day you were late in the class but you

were very happy, Today I realise how and why guys need to write & how tough

              it is to express… well as you know that I don’t have any such

support atleast which will help me in writng stuff like this. Ignore the errors while

              reading. Only thing that you will surely find is  honesty,

                                  undying love & respect for you !!!

God bless

Beparvah !!     


12 thoughts on “A Piece From My Heart !!”

    1. i consider myself to be even more lucky to have her memories that i will treasure for ever until I die !!

      thank you so very much for your support, it realy means a lot
      god bless !!


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