“Grihapravesh ” Into The System!!

Last week I met the most important persons in the state of a North Indian state, starting from the District Magistrates, to Judges and few state ministers…

Today I actually realised that what it is to be when you are a part if the judiciary… Even before the actual work which I am supposed to do, I am being told what to do and what not to, what should be my priority and almost everything … All this happened when am enjoying coffee along with other new recruits with people in the government…. What an amazing feeling..I really didn’t know how to react to such situations…. but I realise that I need to understand the scope and it’s nuances before I could actually do anything… Later I questioned myself that whether being mum…& enjoying the coffee, I became a part of the corrupt system??? The answer is still not known to me…

On the very next day all probationers were taken out for a state tour, which included the office of higher officials and the ended up finally with our meeting with the Chief Minister….

All my colleagues are senior to me and many of them are preparing for the civil services exam, some of them are very serious and some are not… Most of them are married…. During the initial few days it was really amazing, the weather is superb…..much better than Calcutta…. But as time passed I realise the politicization of judiciary had taken its root much before we take up our office…. We all were provided with new phone and laptops….

The moment I and another collegue of mine refused to take such gifts, we were been called to the DM’s house in the name of dinner and there we were made to understand the consequences of being different, consequences of being too honest…. and finally we end up taking the laptop and mobile phone along with the delicious dinner!!!!

This was my experience…. not good not bad, actually I don’t know…. But this was my “grihapravesh” to the system of governance….. I know many more to experience …. Let’s see how things unfolds….
Thank you


5 thoughts on ““Grihapravesh ” Into The System!!”

  1. Thank you for liking this post…. It’s the first hand experience …. Purposely I avoided the name of the state!!! I pore you can understand!!
    Thank you…


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