“SHAMELESS EQUALITY ” Defined By A Lawyer !!

The above link is a video on liberation… Liberation from the shakles that generate a narrow outlook, that divide people into gender. Many of us  must have already seen it and are yet to …so for those who have not seen this, I am requesting to have a look into this video and appreciate the esssense of what is actualy being free !!

This video talks about an independence which is still pending..and we demand a change, a change which is imperative, please appreciate the true meaning of freedom and strive for it…until its too late.. Although, I believe its already late but still i demand this change, i want to witness this in my lifetime…

Our small steps can make huge differences..please understand.. the only thing that haunts me that if we remain quiet today as we have experienced so far, we will be contributing to this mess…This attitude od being  “NISHABDH” will be very taxing to ourselves !!

We need to question the system we follow, we need to search for the logic behind every action especially that leads to gender biasness..we need to change things not for the sake of changing it but but a better future, we all must visualise ourselves as how do we look when we support gender biasness, how do we look like when we strare indecently …. becuase everybody knows where we go wrong…Its high time to regulate our emotions !!

God first made “Man” in his own image…”man”kind, Hu”man”ity, wo”man”…man man man…every where.. What chance do they (women) ever have?? they were sidelined from the begining..From Draupadi , the eve &the apple, women the reason for all the mankind (the evil), surya & kulti, the virgin marry, the mother earth, she is the only we all stand onto..

Look at the queens & godesses in the history, no king ever went down on one knee, no prince ever came to the rescue, no deity even that trustworthy, all we have heared since we were exposed to fairy tales, TV, and cooked up stories   telling us to pray, to hope to be saved ….and see where we are today..

The girl in red, the girl in pink, the widow in white, the burkha in black, the colour of lipstick, OMG!! unsaid rules and regulation, let them the way they look alike, let them the they the look like when they wake up..let them scratch their head, dig their nose, stretch their  body, and spread their toes,… Can we regulate these basic things…in the name of gender ??? Where the hell we arer moving to?

One question that arises in my mind..my senses are intimidated by clonned perfection, I can hear strange sounds, the sounds of nervous giggling, intoxicating compliance, I can hear the buzz of millions screaming out and giving instructions, I can feel the smoke filled with regrets, I feel ashamed by this. They are starving for their identity…

Politics and religion are for lucky people, the wealthier. We must realise that politics and religion go hand in hand..its an enviable career. Religion tells us to cover up, religion tells to shave your head, tells us to be meek, keep your moyth shut, keep having children, what if your religion told us to hate the other, what if your religion tells you to burn alive on a funeral pyre,what if your religion told you to do whatever you felt like…keep breaking the laws, keep locked up,keep uneducated, raped, keep killing, keep submissive, keep under your CONTROL.

Can I ask everyone today one question …

Dear all the powerful men, I know you all care about women, I know you would like to carry her up …so that she can’t walk, hold her so that she can’t be free, but its not equality ?? Please treat them equally ..Its a request from another male..(among one of you)

It is hardwork to go unnoticed.. Its time to change the mentality, to change the roots, & minds of people who have been deprived of education and basic rights, because of this  “SHAMELESS EQUALITY”  Let them stand in our place where we stand today..without labelling them as crazy..and arrest them for blasphemy…even the “Didi” & “aunties” will you stop telling these deprived souls to shut up and regulate their activities ?? And  parents please stop ignoring their daughters existence..the the women …please at least you stand up for them…

Well I can go on and on with this but I think I should stop here because if I keep on with this issue, may be my language go off track, may be not acceptable..but keep my humble request

Thank you

Beparvah !!


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