The Story Of An Umbrella!!!

      She hated the use of umbrella,
She used to always give some reason
      or the other to justify her point.
And most of the time she seemed very
     convincing… Be it very scorching
heat, be it in the month of June &noon,
   or be it light rainfall/ kind of drizzle
She never carried an umbrella with her,
   and even if she does, she seldom
use it… She was least bothered about
    tanning, what matters to her was
hard work, commitment, & discipline…
  She was very conscious about her heath, she knew what hurts her most..
   Pragmatism was on her blood, &
the best part about her that she was
   emotionally sound & balanced

Despite all this, she never used to carry
    umbrella, she loved to wear..
black in spite of  hot & humid summer
   On several times being told to use  umbrella..she one day replied back by
  saying she doesn’t know how to
use an umbrella!!! & she was not ready
   to learn especially when it was
a subject which she hated… badly !!!




Look at this…. Is it necessary to take
    such risk… I may sound like a
patient of OCD… but please take care!!
   These line of thoughts is what
coming out automatically.. I think it’s
   the pure emotions attached to the
past… Nothing voluntary…I hope it is
   understood by now that I care for
you.. I wrote this 3-4 months before,
   may be because I had a feeling
that I won’t be there with you forever
   Even I have to die. I wanted you
to be safe, happy ever after… God bless

Loads of love and respect


5 thoughts on “The Story Of An Umbrella!!!”

    1. every thing I wrote is exactly what she is…and I believe the power and strength that women possess is something unparallel..
      am about to post another story on the innante values and power that every women carries… we just need to allow them to grow, we nweed to give them a little space …
      god bless !!


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