Your Worth In My Life !!

These are the few words that suddenly came to my mind today just before going I was about to sleep. I reminded of all the women who have contributed in my life and presently are not there with me..firstly my mum she is no more in this world, secondly my elder sister, she is married and stays far away but I often talk to her, exchange emotions and thoughts, but its difficult to call her every time as she manages another family too, and finally the girl I loved the most, well she is very near to my heart although I have not heared her voice for months but her presence I still feel arounf me.. I am just a bit tired of being like this…Thus, these few lines for them..

                    Women wre ageless from every walk of life..

And are bound by a single connection, she has amazing strength, can handle

trouble and carry heavy burden…she holds

happiness, love and opinions, she smiles when she is feeling like screaming…

she sings when she feel like crying, she cries

when she is happy,and laughs when she is afraid..this is a woman, a woman

who creates miracles through their hugs & warmth

They have an uncanny ability to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start

anew, She exercise her freesom to fulfill our hearts’ desires

She fights for what she believes in, she stand up against injustice, she gives

herself so her family can thrive.Her love is unconditional.

There is only one thing that is wrong…She Often Forget What She Is Worth!!!

Thank you                                                                                             Beparvah !!


38 thoughts on “Your Worth In My Life !!”

  1. You are so sweet and it’s painful to know about your loss… However, dear they all are with you in some or the other way…
    So be strong and remember we all are with you.. Always! ❤

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      1. That’s so kind of you. I’m also just like you… Glad to meat a like minded person.
        Thanks to you my dear!!
        Keep Shinning and Blessings!! ❤ 🙂

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