Story Of The Wrist Watch!!!

   I have rarely seen her using a wrist
watch, she never felt comfortable with
    a wrist watch… but she still keeps
everything on time, she still managed
    her time to the best possible
way. This always wonders me how ??
   Well I know that there are other
materials / tools that keeps us on track
   as far as the time is concern !!
But the point I am mentioning this story
   is that most of the people I have
seen around me, they like to have watch
    with various stylish designs!!!
Today, it is a style statement for many.
Being a young woman, she rarely ever
    believed in this style statement.

She is one of the rarest of the rare girl
     who never liked any sorts of
jeweleries, she hated gold, silver… she
    would rather like to have a tattoo
instead of a necklace set, or ear rings!!
   She always used to stand against
injustice, and fights till she makes her
   point proved!! Despite such a rebel
character, she knew where to stop and
   when to continue with the debate
with proper timing without using any
sort of wrist watches she only used
her mobile, perhaps her best friend. !!!

I think what makes her next to perfect
   is that, whatever she does, out
of her own choice, does with her heart,
  She always have a clear picture
of what she want to do in her life.. this
   clarity makes her so special….
I always noticed her conviction, and the
   high level of confidence in what-
-ever she decides to do… I admired this
    quality of her.. always !! She knew
what are her strength and weaknesses
   I always respected her decisions
even this one of being staying apart !!
   I believe in her wisdom and she
might understand one day that time
  is cruel, it will not come back, but
I will always be around you irrespective
  of the time because I do understand
       the other aspect of time !!!!

Loads of love and respect


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