Who Is This Doctor From Pakistan??

There is no doubt that each one of us have enjoyed the recent movie that released on the eid,… Yes an talking about the movie called ” Bajrangi Bhaijaan”…

The story was really very touching, it had certainly made many of us cry.. And personally I believe that such stories must be promoted…. This story promote the value of love, empathy, and ability to build relationships… Thanks to ‘her’ to make me realise what it is to experience love…

But another story I have today to share, this is not as popular as this film but it carries the same intensity of love and
values of fellow feeling, humanity!!! I believe that many of you must have read or heard about this story also…

This story is real… Can you all recognise these face…???


Her is a Pakistani doctor, his name is
Aamir   Liaquat. Look at the tears flowing down his cheek… I feel so proud to mention that the tears are for an Indian girl called ” Geeta” who unfortunately been missing for the last 15 years…. This man proved not only  that the Indian daughters are safe in Pakistan but also he had been trying tho send her back despite all the so called protocols, and standing all the possible odds….

This girl “Geeta” is a physically challenged…. she cannot speak, but she understood the language of emotions and she is fortunate that she got another person who understood the same language!!! I believe in there language of love and emotion and this incident substantiate the same thought.

The doctor only wanted that Geeta should be with her family, she should celebrate every Deewali, and holi with her family, and nothing else….


Am speechless….
Such examples to be promoted by the media which unfortunately is missing
but we can take up this responsibility and share such other incidents that will spread love and emotions for the cause of humanity.

Thank you


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