The Dream !!

Today I woke up suddenly at around 3:40 a.m. Its because something I realised,  something that forced me to get up, perhaps am thinking too much, perhaps the distance between you and me have made me realise that what I am going to lose and how am I going to survive ?

I never thought I would love someone like you (who is far more beautiful, intelligent, adorable, sensitive and with a very kind heart). I don’t know, may be its destiny that you walked into my life as I travel in my life’s journey. It was a pleasant accident..atleast for me which changed me inside out in a positive direction.

Remember when I first met you in the class, I just thought you’d be another person coming into my life then eventually leaving. I knew that we all were there with a purpose. I always restricted myself to befriend with any of the fellow students because I often attach myself emotionally with people that becomes really very diffcult for to maintain relations.

I never know how is it to be in love, but as our time together moved on, I realized, you were different, you were special.You treated me so good and made me feel like such a good person.You brought wonderful things in my life and opened my eyes to see the beauty of love.You are the one who taught me how to love sincerely, unselfishly and showed me the way to your heart.

Every night as I laid in bed thinking about you, I’d realize how much I love you. Everyday in my dreams you are there with your smile, I run my finger in your hair. Your soft eyes and smooth touch, your strong voice and your sensitivity. I know you still care for me. As I would for you, you’re my love.I just cannot let you go from my mind. I cannot sever you from my soul. You will be my dream forever.

My life is hanging on a thread of hope that some day you shall return, someday you will understand your worth in my existence..I will be waiting for the cool breeze to touch my soul again, I will always be waiting for my love to come again. There is no love without you and that’s perhapsa the reason why I love you..I loved the dance of your eyes when you used to look at me, the way you smile at jokes, I just miss them today!!

Can I ask you why can’t I just call you once ? Is it too much to ask? How hard is it, I wish I could tell you. What it feels when am far away from you.. Every time when I dial my sister’s mobile no. to call her up, it reminds oy your number as you know, around 7 numbers are same and in the same sequence..I may sound wired or stupid but its a fact !! No words I can write and say, how much I miss you and how much you are mean to me.

One thing I can be sure of that deep in me, I made a promise that I will never fall in love again unless its you, my first love…(wish I could write your name, wish I could shout expressing my strong and honest emotions)

Loads of love and respect

Thank you



7 thoughts on “The Dream !!”

    1. I really don’t know how to thank you for such compact and encouraging words…
      Thank you so much…
      I think the more I miss her, the more I understand her absence… my love and resp left for her increases by every passing day!! Am indebted to her !!

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