Rape, its not only a crime on body, its a crime on the soul, on the identity. The society is equally liable and I say it with conviction. 16 dec, 2012, the country witnessed a brutal crime on a 23 year medical student. There was a huge protest and we all have noticed the reactions of politicians, bureacrats, and media. We have also seen that the criminal law was amended..and after years .. this case showed where we have demoted to..

Yes she is still fighting..and am sure she will have to fight this all along her life because the society will never let her wounds to be healed. This girl, who has barely survived  and is battling for life, can’t stop flowing her tears as she squats on the floor of the gynaecological department at Safdarjung Hospital. Hair dishevelled, clad in a shabby saree, she keeps passing out even as a woman councillor holds her tight, trying to console her.

I really don’t know how to write this post further, feeling the disgust and ashamed and helpless… she was merely a 4 year old child. I cannot imagine the pain she endured..and what her family is going through now..

This four-year-old daughter was brutally gangraped and sodomised by at least two men, and her entire body slashed with a knife on Friday evening near her home in Keshav Puram, northwest Delhi. Her privates had been torn apart, which forced specialised doctors to perform a three-hour colostomy surgery on her in the wee hours of Saturday. Locals brought her back soaked in blood..she is not been able to utter a single word but doctors have assurd that she would be able to speak

She was brought to the hospital with cut marks all over her face and abdomen, her vagina and rectum both seriously injured. The doctors had performed a threehour colostomy to provide an alternate opening for her to pass stool. Her colon will take time to recover and come back to normal functioning. And  another surgery to close the colostomy will be required later.


The Delhi Police have registered a case under relevant sections of IPC and POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Acts and a manhunt has been launched. The accused are yet to be identified and this nonsense I have a habit of listening to it.. Although they have zeroed in on some suspects and are keeping a watch. Once the girl recovers, they will be able to get more clues about the accused.

I just wanna ask everyone that what should we do now? What should be our next step? Should we pray for her life or her death? Should we legalise chemical castration or should we legalise sex determined abortion ??

Am really out of solutions now?

Thank you



39 thoughts on “YES SHE SURVIVED !!!

  1. This has to stop right now. Women n such little girls.. we too are human beings and we have a right to live in peace without being afraid to step out of our house… such monsters need to be taught a lesson that they can never forget. my heart is breaking for this little angel

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  2. izza ifzaal says:

    It’s just soo devastating to see the this all..I pray the law get more gripping with severe punishments to the blood worms walking n shaming humanity.

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    • Law must be having enough grip and it should be implemented strictly, we should understand that any invasion on someone’s body, identity, gravity of the offence must be understood… And society must be human to the survivors, ..
      Thank you for supporting..
      God bless…
      Let’s become a part of the change!!

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  3. I really have hard time reading such things and sadly this is part of human existence. I stopped following news a decade ago. Maybe because I am too sensitive. I feel you are sensitive too but you have courage to write about such sensitive issues which is really appreciable. The disease starts with thinking and horrendous acts which are blemish on humanity are committed!

    I feel you might not be there for long as a lawyer(pardon me if I come across as indecent!) I feel you might become a social activist. 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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