Afternoon Thoughts On Her!!

28 thoughts on “Afternoon Thoughts On Her!!”

    1. yes…
      these two words have the power
      I will certainly implement it
      beacuse am not alone !!
      she resides in my heart and always be
      and i have some beautiful human beings around be here !!
      thank you for being such a support :):)

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  1. I am pretty sure she exists close to you by the spontaneity, rhythm, ignored grammatical errors (particularly verbs and commas), and a crescendo of excitements as you go on stressing the ‘she’ with flow. Afternoon but definitely not sleepy thoughts.

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    1. thank you so much..!!
      this is one of the best comment i have ever received, got got it absolutely correct brother !!
      yes she is not really close to my heart instead she resides here !!
      god bless !!


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