Afternoon Thoughts On Her!!

        She is tough, she is strong
enough to win battles!!
She cries, she wipes it up
        for a better tomorrow, she
respect human life, she respect
relations and family obligations
         And she is the one who is
loved by all, it’s really
very difficult to hate her
         because she is very special
to many, her love for her friends,
her emotions are strong and very
       mixed, at times even she gets
confused. There is no
one second when I haven’t
         thought of her, in fact I keep
on talking to her as if she is around,
it gives me happiness& strength so
         that I can start my life with her
memories.. & with some great
time we had shared, all credits
to her !!!!!!!!!



28 thoughts on “Afternoon Thoughts On Her!!

  1. I am pretty sure she exists close to you by the spontaneity, rhythm, ignored grammatical errors (particularly verbs and commas), and a crescendo of excitements as you go on stressing the ‘she’ with flow. Afternoon but definitely not sleepy thoughts.

    Liked by 2 people

    • thank you so much..!!
      this is one of the best comment i have ever received, got got it absolutely correct brother !!
      yes she is not really close to my heart instead she resides here !!
      god bless !!


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