Hum Yaar !!!

Few myths in my mind .. which I wanna clear and for that I need all your support and help..

The first myth is with realaton to the meaning of the term  “forever”. What we actually mean by this term??

Is is mean a very long time, well people use it very often and casually. How is it that people can talk so casually about a concept that we cannot even wrap our minds around?

It is the connection that we feel or the the sense, that our souls are closely connected to someone whom we consider our friend or someone special in our life..the connection is above time and space, wherever we are in our lives we will always remain friends. Just few lines for my friends !!

True friends are hard to find,

      but I am lucky to have few special people around,  

            they came into my life and gave me the sense of security..    

 love and acted as a support system.

 We shared the mysteries of our life,

    laughter and tears are seen in our eyes.

Next myth is with relation to the term “Friendship”

It isvery difficult to described. Unfortunately, the English language isn’t quite innovative, though it has vast opportunities to differentiate meaning.

Instead of understanding different words, we’re stuck with simple adjectives. We are busy with classifying friends as close friend, best friend, childhood friend, intimate friend, trusted friend, beloved friend etc etc….the list never ends Friends are special. We pick them up from among the millons, our friends can be as diverse and infinite as the adjectives we choose. Our friends, in a very real sense, reflect the choices we make in life.

Today I would like to thank few people who have been there throughout my university days and saved me from being lost.

Srivats, he is the one who has always been there for me, showed me the correct path, encouraged me to take calcuated risks, he is a sweetheart !!

The smile they used to carry always. Udayan and Aditya, they have a special place in my life. They always supported me in all my decisions. Udayan introduced me to the world of  ghazals and Adiya introduced me to the hindu epics…both created an impact in my life….

In thie picture below, the characters are Divye, Dhruv and Isha…I really don’t know what to say about them..Divye was the first person whom I met in the university and he was an example of hardwork..Dhruv, he is adorable, he helped me to improve my language, my debating skills, he introduced to the world of literature in my life,,,,and finally Isha, I think one word that would be sufficient to describe her and that is ….a big support sytem, a system which rarely failed..she was there for me during the most hard times of my life …

These are few lovely moments in goa, though I didn’t make it to this trip but I lived every moment of it along with them !! I hope soon we can have a similar trip again !!!!!!!


Yash, Vinayak and Rajat… they were the crucial players of my gang but each had different roles…and they played it wonderfully throughout ….Vinayak always helped me whenever I encounter some problem wiith respect to the subject on taxation and jurisprudence !! When it comes to Rajat and Yash omg !! I think without these two guys the entire gang would not have survived..they were our 24 hour suppliers…suppliers of food and notes..their role is unparallel !!!  The pictures below justifies the above lines…

And finally, comes the crucial characters who helped me when I was going through some major crisis…however, unfortunately I started understanding them and realised their worth in my life only in the final year…Fatima, Kamayani, Isha, Henaz  and Ititsha … thank you for being so nice to me !!

Thank you guys for being there, for tolerating my nonsense, my attitude, my ego. I feel so lucky to have people like you around me..

A special thank to the girl whom I met few months back, who made me realise my faults, my demerits, and taught me how to live life, how to respect friends and appreciate their contributions…she taught me the meaning of frienship, love ,care, she taught me the art of smiling, her 100 happy days challenge was a therapy to me. The moment I realise my mistakes and wrote this post dedicating my gang..”HUM YAAR” !!!

Thank you

Beparvah !!


20 thoughts on “Hum Yaar !!!

  1. Absolutely beautiful post Beparvah! I think you have a very rich life with so many friends who influenced you with such inspiration and direction. That’s what friends are for and you have many of them all around you. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much , am glad that you liked it, and a big thank you for appreciating the emotion..
      Yes good friends would be a great term, actually hum yaar was the name given my one of them….


  2. Wonderful.dear !!they ,who met u,are or were friends.meaning of forever is beyond of worldly meaning or immortal as in world n out of world.i believe those relation who is forever.if i m wrong plz sorry.


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