Hum Yaar !!!

20 thoughts on “Hum Yaar !!!”

  1. Absolutely beautiful post Beparvah! I think you have a very rich life with so many friends who influenced you with such inspiration and direction. That’s what friends are for and you have many of them all around you. 🙂

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      1. do’nt worry Beparvaah is world. do n forget.beparvaah raho.main pal do pal ka shaayar huein……… kal koi aur saath hoga.yuhien safar her dastaan-e-jindgi ka hoga…… fir bhi hum gayenge-jaane kahaan gaye vo din,kahate the teri raah me nazaron ko hum bichayenge.

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    1. Thank you so much , am glad that you liked it, and a big thank you for appreciating the emotion..
      Yes good friends would be a great term, actually hum yaar was the name given my one of them….


  2. Wonderful.dear !!they ,who met u,are or were friends.meaning of forever is beyond of worldly meaning or immortal as in world n out of world.i believe those relation who is forever.if i m wrong plz sorry.


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