Reliving The Past !!!

 Yeah!! today I smiled after a long time

 and this smile remained for hours on  

my lips….though I started my day

with full of tears around the corners of

my eyes, then somehow I managed

and prepared myself for today’s

ethics class. Took a light breakfast

and went for my class without asking

“her” about her status and without

even the good morning wishes to her

which I never used to skip !!!

Due to some issues in Delhi, (from

where we listen their lectures

thorough VSAT…) our class today was

called off before time.. I took this

Opportunity and I thought why not to

relive some of the good times

that I had with her… and the first thing

I did was, I took a metro and went

to the nearest Haldiram shop where we

celebrated one of our friend’s b’day.

However, it was raining hard so couldn’t

stay their for hours but certainly I

took few snaps that are today filled

with unknown faces … I failed

to find her among the crowd… then I

realised that god !! she is within

me, deep in my heart, in my veins !!!


Sorry for this picture…. It’s not that clear

as it is inside my heart and even

more clear in my memories. ..We had

loads of group  pictures here!!!

Time has changed, but I remained the




This place is just amazing, and her visit

made it even more special.. After

celebrating the b’day party, both of us

  were waking down the street for a while

to get another plate of chat for her

sister… I still remember her love

& care for each members of her family.

Around 8:30 pm and we were

waiting the plate of chat to be packed.

We had some random chat.. It was

just amazing. I remember every word

she spoke  that night, but today

I am standing here alone with my hope

and faith that she will certainly

come back one day & will understand!!

Loads of love and respect for her
Beparvah !!!


11 thoughts on “Reliving The Past !!!”

  1. Though I appreciate your blog, a leaflet from your personal diary, I am such a mean I am laughing in my heart how can somebody do this much of reliving in bustling crowded city 🙂

    Beparvah! As your name suggest, pls ignore me. No parwah!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Because we fell in love gradually. It takes time to get ourselves sorted out. It takes time to realise that the person we loved dearly is no longer in our lives and will never return. It takes time to realise that the one who taught us to live, love and laugh is now doing all that without us and all we are left with is pain. Eventually, when one learns about this, life kicks in. And everything goes back to normal. You’re in a damaged mode right now. I was like that just a few weeks ago. I have sorted my life out. You will also, I know that 😊 Keep faith in yourself 😊 You’re a blessing. Do not lose hope 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. yes…you are right!!
        i shouldn’thave given myself this much space to experience such feelings…I hope and pray to god to give me strength so that i shall not allow myself into this in future!!!

        thank you so much !!
        thank you :):)


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