Dedicating A Book To Her !!

  Being in love is an amazing feeling
It really completes our world, it surely
increases our happiness & reduces
our pain and agony yet people avoid it
For the last three months or so, I have
  been writing on love but actually I
know nothing about it, I don’t know its
  form, its shape, but yes it can be
felt, it certainly can bring smile on our
  lips. It is magical & full of surprises

True love can never let you fall, it will
   certainly direct you in the correct
direction, it will help you towards the 
  achievement of success and this
success is eternal and not only always
  a material one. Love makes you
strong, it makes your life worthy instead
  of meaningless. She believed in this
serene and pure idea of love because
  she knew the worth of a human life

An not writing these lines as a tool for
   bargaining, I am writing all these
because I gives me pleasure & helps
  me to minimise my pains!! She
came to my life accidentally but it really
  created a havoc because she gave
me a purpose in life & gave a positive
  direction to it so that it can be a
meaningful life and believe me it was
  enough for a person like me to fall
in love so that I can walk and run in life.

  Writing everyday on her makes me
realise that even I can be in love, it is
  something that will never fade!!!
Her impression on my life and on my
   heart is very deep and clear…..
I don’t know what will happen to my
   love story, I don’t know but I will
always be able to say that yes I have
the experience of loving her without
demanding any reciprocity because I 
  know that my value is nothing …
                   before her!!!

I really feel the presence  of her soul
    around me always, & I believe
that she one day she will read these post and appreciate it…. But I really
   wanna do something for her. So
I decided to write a book, a book that
  will have all raw emotions and I
will dedicate the book to her as a part
                     My love  !!!

Loads of love n respect for her


34 thoughts on “Dedicating A Book To Her !!”

  1. I do understand this feeling… However, from a girls perspective ;P but, I can see a pure love here… And I’m sure she will love it.
    My best wishes are always be there with you my friend 🙂

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