Emotional Competencies That SHE Possesses!!

            ” Mind has no gender ”

Based on this belief, she wake up every day, prepare herself for the struggle & plans her course of actions. On every single day, she wants tho contribute, she wants to learn be things, and meet new people and travel along in search of happiness and knowledge. She is open to accept perspectives, and never close the windows of her heart… she’s starving for knowledge always !!!

She has a love for literature and language, her love has become passion and she started learning Spanish on her own through a mobile app !!! This motivated me a lot, her thirst for learning has always encouraged me!!

Emotion has played an important role in her life in a positive and constructive way. It has helped her to understand and appreciate other’s pain and happiness… and because of that she is a sweetheart !!!

She is the one who taught me about identity and it’s importance with sweet examples…. One of them I would like to share is that of an identity of Tom….the cat…

I have never seen these characters before in my childhood. Characters like Tom, Jerry n all…. One day I was wearing a t -shirt with a picture of Tom on it…. I never realised this fact. After the class she asked me about whose picture is this on by t shirt, I replied by saying that it’s a picture of a cat……

Immediately, she said it’s Tom, and then she goes on saying that if I call you human instead of your name, how would you feel….. Simple and cute story , may sound wired to others, but it really means a lot me!!!

Today, whenever I see this cartoon character,  this memory gets rejuvenate and at the same time make me realise the vacuum, the absence of her around me !!!!

I actually have a doubt and this could perhaps be resolved only by her.. the doubt is, does she have any idea of what she means to me? At times I feel like resolving this doubt but then I feel that it is better to keep this doubt unresolved … I believe timing matters a lot at times !!!

Undying love and respect
Beparvah !!!


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