I, Me, Myself.. Syndrome !!!

Few years back I went to Amritsar for around 2 days for presenting a paper in the Patiala National Law University.

After presenting the paper on the topic called “law as a social control” I went to my room and questioned myself about the relevance of the topic in the present context…whatever I spoke in the seminar, can I justify it in practical sense?  Is law a tool for protection or suppression? Well the night passed but the questions remained unresolved….

Next day, I went to Amritsar golden temple…. It’s an amazing feeling, pure and serene environment pulled all my attention and I was feeling like to spend hours & hours there….

Honestly speaking an not a religious person rather I believe in faith, I believe in eternal power but at the same time I respect others feeling….

I always used to think that are we capable enough to handle religion?
Is religion is a moral code which reflect on how we ought to live? What principles we ought to follow? And the most important….. Why we should follow these principles instead of others?

On the contrary, I believe that it would have been much better if religion would have taught us to ask questions….

We are human beings and what differentiates us from animals is our ability to think, but we don’t…. instead we follow God, we believe in good without any reason to believe… This makes us insecure… and that is why our actions are not free but determined.

The notions like compassion, humility, and self compassion I believe what makes a society a place to live and this is what tho be promoted….

Often heard this term women equality… I strongly object this concept… Because I don’t understand that with whom women should be equated?  Why we recognizing this inequality ..I think it is empowerment that is required instead of this shameless equality….

When I enter the golden temple, many of my doubts were cleared and langar made it even more clear….I could find the seeds of humility being sown there…

The langar showed me that what you need from religion if the lessons on being humble, it’s a virtue that needs to be cultivated & developed. It is not something that will be innate….
The greatest disease called pride can be taken care of by humility… It’s the person’s own sense that he/she is not the center of the universe!!!

After I returned to Calcutta after this trip, I always feel that this visit proved to be worthy !!!

Let’s spread love, humility and respect other’s existence… and come out from the disorder of “I” “Me” & “Myself”

Love and respect… for her for encouraging me to begin this  blog!!
Miss you..


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