A Navratri Gift!!!

This is one present which, I would like
to give her today, this picture showing
the joy of light, my best wishes for her
in this navratri. I hope you will enjoy & dance to the tune of happiness and …

All I can do is pray to god for you so …
that your smile remain there always on
your lips….

Emotions and its expression at correct
time is as important as the honesty of such emotions… ..and If someone fail
to understand the importance of timing
then things will certainly go wrong and
..that would be very painful to accept &
understand !!

This navratri could have been much better as we thought it would be but,
even today I can find some reason to
celebrate….  All my support and wishes are with you ..

I will only celebrate success which will be ours  and not otherwise !!!

I was worried when I was looking  your
blog and couldn’t find a new post for the last 48 hours…. well it was nothing new though but still I was disturbed and very much worried!!!

But when I say your latest post, I was so relieved… I knew that you are not that kind of a person who will break down instead you are among those who will learn from experinences and come back hard with triple preparation. !!!!

Believe me I have not celebrate for a single day, not let a piece of candy or sweet even to enter my mouth because
all my success is because of you and you were not there around. 

The dream will come true, your birthday will be celebrated there where  I promised  and you will cut your cake on the top of the mountain and everything else will follow as we have planned !!

Am with you!!!
Take care pls. You are very special
God bless


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