Feeling Ashamed !!!

9 thoughts on “Feeling Ashamed !!!”

    1. While reading criminal law in my university days, I read a case… an infamous case of a major in army, unfortunately there the victim was a 3 month old baby….

      The question was whether there can be a case of encroaching dignity? Whether a 3 month baby developed e sender of dignity??

      I wrote a strong pair d saying dignity is innate irrespective of age

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      1. Sad. No words. A PhD teacher during my graduation said that gals wearing jeans invite rapists. I literally fought with her. And she didn’t utter a single word. If a well educated teacher speak such rubbish, what can we expect from uneducated men?

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      2. I think education at times creates curiosity, it resolves baby questions, it corrupts many a times, I wrote a paper way back saying that tribal have more civilised, .. Rest was being highly criticised

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      3. The moment you have power, you use it against others, don’t objectify women, they gave birth to lives…. They demand respect, instead of worshipping durga , and taking out frustration on wives, better tho respect them I guess

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  1. realy i also think dt.in this world moreover people do’nt know dt Durga is presented their own home as mother,sister,wife,coullege etc. aurat ne janm diya mardon ko mardon ne use bazaar diya jab ji chaaha masla kuchala
    jab ji chaha dutkaar diya.

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