Feeling Ashamed !!!

Just cannot handle this hypocrisy.. It is only in navratri we worship the strength of women.. but at the same time we witness women to be harassed, raped, molested and stripped, irrespective of their age….. Objectification of women is nothing new and time and again it has been institutionalised by some most ridiculous judgements of khaaap and personal laws…

Few days back I wrote something similar to what an going to write now. It is very unfortunate that such cases have been a regular matter unlike what is expected…

Two girls, one of age five and the other two-and-a-half, have been gang-raped in separate incidents in the national capital, adding to its notoriety as the “rape capital of India” and kicking up a political storm over law and order.

The rape of the five-year-old came to light when she ran out of the building bleeding.

Is misogyny a global battle that shall be fought endlessly and eternally?

By making violence against women primarily a mindset debate with a solution decades away is veiling the failure of our law, order and justice system.

We cannot allow the upholders of law to hide behind it and shed their responsibility of taking immediate action. Recurring incidents of sexual violence are clearly a failure of our policing system.

Our judiciary like any other is responsible for administration of justice according to the law of the land. Is delayed justice really sending the right message to the perpetrators of such horrific crimes, which are taking the lives of hundreds of women every day?

This debate on the safety of women must shift from this unsolvable century long “change mindset” project that kills any hope for the next two or three generations of women to accountable policing and speedy justice which is clearly a more reachable and reasonable goal giving the women of India hope.

I being a lawyer feel so helpless. I really don’t feel like celebrating, I don’t wanna be a part of this hypocrisy…. We being so much busy on defining the word…& often fail to understand the gravity of the issue… Its an important issue and raises the question of who we are? What sort of society we live in? Why we promote equality??

Pls …. feel the pain , be empathetic instead of sympathising … They are victims …who is the culprit? Is it only those who raped  or we also played a crucial role?? 

I feel really ashamed of being a part of the men folk…. All my dear men… Stand up it’s our call ….

All these ideas are a product of discussions that fortunately I had with her, which has opened my mind…


9 thoughts on “Feeling Ashamed !!!”

    1. While reading criminal law in my university days, I read a case… an infamous case of a major in army, unfortunately there the victim was a 3 month old baby….

      The question was whether there can be a case of encroaching dignity? Whether a 3 month baby developed e sender of dignity??

      I wrote a strong pair d saying dignity is innate irrespective of age

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      1. Sad. No words. A PhD teacher during my graduation said that gals wearing jeans invite rapists. I literally fought with her. And she didn’t utter a single word. If a well educated teacher speak such rubbish, what can we expect from uneducated men?

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      2. I think education at times creates curiosity, it resolves baby questions, it corrupts many a times, I wrote a paper way back saying that tribal have more civilised, .. Rest was being highly criticised

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      3. The moment you have power, you use it against others, don’t objectify women, they gave birth to lives…. They demand respect, instead of worshipping durga , and taking out frustration on wives, better tho respect them I guess

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  1. realy i also think dt.in this world moreover people do’nt know dt Durga is presented their own home as mother,sister,wife,coullege etc. aurat ne janm diya mardon ko mardon ne use bazaar diya jab ji chaaha masla kuchala
    jab ji chaha dutkaar diya.

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