Undying Love !!

There was a time when I used to get so much worried if I got to know that she is suffering from cough and cold, or a headache…. My finger got  to numb when she once told me that she had a minor cut on her ring finger !!!!

Whenever she used to go to somewhere, she never used to give me the details because she had a strong belief that if I get to know that something is wrong with her, even in the minor incidents, I would immediately come leaving all my prior engagements!!!!

But today, after days and months I have not heard her voice, not seen her smile, nor seen her magical eyes that used to cash loads of emotions, and depth…….
I really don’t know how she is ? I don’t know anything about her in the last couple of months, I don’t know what she had experienced and gone through…. Its really painful… With this thought I woke up just half an hour back!!

An scared, am worried, why she had reduced the rate of her posts? Did she limited herself to work if not stopped writing? ……. These questions haunts me like anything…… am all into tears
Please god stay with her …. Save her, give strength … She was correct… It’s really difficult to handle…..

I will be there for you always with my lips sealed so that I can maintain my respect  for you and for my love. I will live or at least try to live with my tears
unshed , but I shall admit that the flames of love for you will always remain with same intensity !!!!

I believe that if life turns out to be something that goes against my will…. it will certainly bring me a volume of old times, and I will be surrounded by countless memories and hopefully I will found all my answers that I once sought

More I only pray tho the almighty to provide you strength, courage, so that you can have a prosperous life which you always deserved …. Loads of love and respect ….

Beparvah !!


22 thoughts on “Undying Love !!

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  1. sou baar janam lenge sou baar fana honge ai jaane bafaa hum tum na juda honge.this is true love. laakh dooriyan darmiyaan ho kabhi sadaa banke kabhi dua banke rooh ko choo jaati he.

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      1. tu ho gaya uska jo ho gayi kisi ki
        mein ho gayi uski jo ho na saka mera;faqat itna juda tera mera fasana he;tera mahboob kahin aur he,meri chaahat mere pass he.ajab tamasha taqdir ka,rona tujhe bhi he rona mujhe bhi he………

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      2. rootha he to manaa lenge……..wait,wait n wait……pyar me vo quvat he jo saari qayanaat ko badal de.vo teri nahi to kisi ki bhi nahi ho sakati.teri sadaayein us tak pahunchati to hongi.sure.uthegi tumhaari nazar dheere dheere;mohabbat karegi asar dheere dheere……

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