What Is Being Human ??

Whenever terms like relationship, love, fear, anger etc. comes to my mind, I always relate them with something.. Sometimes it is people, sometimes it is incidents, and sometimes it is places !!!

But we seldom accept these emotions separately, we often limit ourselves with the roles that we play and in this process we often forget our roles as humans per se…. Where we have lost our identity of being humans &, rather than role perspectives !!!!

But it’s really difficult to distinguish between the two, say for example, if someone loves somebody, what that could be called… is it an expression of being human or being fitted in a role .

Most of us would be able to write an essay on topics like, an ideal son, ideal husband, ideal father or mother, ideal teacher etc, but rarely one could write on being an ideal human being… that’s the question I wanted to ask !!

What is being human ? This is what I want to know? Can we think of a human being beyond their respective roles ??

Loads of love and wishes for her for making me realise these facts…
Beparvah !!!


12 thoughts on “What Is Being Human ??

  1. Being Human is to be yourself and not to be an Ideal husband,wife,frnd,girlfriend, boyfriend etc. Just be the way you’re created and basically not to be an adulterated product.
    This is my definition and this will vary from person to person..

    Keep Smiling! 🙂

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  2. Very good question asked !

    For me being human is , to treat entire human kind the way you want to be treated .

    No matter their religion, cast , country , education or any thing for that matter.

    Love, peace and happiness are the things every human being look for, let us help spreading them.

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  3. Anything which makes you different from animals, is being human. On spiritual level, we are above dogs. Love and anger dogs too must be having, but its transient and driven by pheromones- chemical emotions. What we have is- an extra intricate limbic system and prefrontal wiring in brain. Think Anand and Akiraa are doing good in spiritual mindset, and you too are pitching in. So, you are being humans, while many others like me are still in animal world 🙂

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