Living In Moments !!

I still remember the date when you requested me to move on and consider the time we had in the past 5 months as just another experience of life….

Neither I understood then nor I am able to comprehend it now… Your twinkling right eye flashes time and again
and keeping me alive … I am sure one day would certainly come when you will understand what you meant to me…

Its been around couple of months and I have sustained pain, I bleed like anything, eyes have dried up, but still my heart keeps faith in your discussion… & till then I am ready tho die several times !!!

I can understand your compulsions, I know you have your goals tho achieve, I know you have lot to learn, your thirst of being successful, your family obligations….. and I respect your every decision….

I believe that I will stand by you and can live my life with whatever you have given me so far, from the earplugs to the lessons on life and happiness…

You have given me an identity in word press and for this I will always be indebted to you!!

I don’t know whether I deserve someone like you… but certainly I shall not have a beautiful girl like you with full of sensitivity, pragmatism, honesty and sincerity…..

You have given me a life, a life with a purpose and I will always be thankful to you !!

Loads of love and respect for you..
Beparvah !!!


9 thoughts on “Living In Moments !!”

  1. Aw!! Straight from the heart… You said it all. I really don’t know about your story but, can relate with you and felt the pain as well.
    Hope the best for you. Blessings!! ❤

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