The Kid I Met In The Hospital

I met this child during this durga puja in the  hospital where I was admitted and also his dad. A couple of days before I was discharged his father passed away. He was in the bed next to me…

Next day his family came along with this kid who has lost his father a day back.

It seemed that he couldn’t understood and everybody was busy in the follow up works that are too be done…

This kid was sitting next to quietly and I didn’t want him to realise what sort of loss he has sustained….. Even I thought that may be his ignorance was his strength and I didn’t want to take away his strength!!!!


Before they left, I exchanged number with his maternal uncle as i wanted to keep in touch with this kid…

Thereafter, the next few days I kept a track of his condition and I was amazed with his smiling faces while he was enjoining his puja vacation …. After looking at glace, I was very happy… I couldn’t stop myself from writing something on this experience …


This is a picture along with his maternal uncle in their house… This kid was clapping to the beats of drums!! I learnt a lesson from this young kid…. I always believed that anything and from anywhere I can find life, love, the spirit of being alive and today I received it from this two years kid !!!

Today, I got discharged and before going to my house, I went to meet him and bought some chocolates for him, I knocked the door and after a few minutes the door was opened by this kid with a bald head, tears in his eyes, with a white cloth wrapped over him…

Sorry guys but I couldn’t uploaded this picture  because I failed to capture it. Later, they told me that they made him realise the loss he suffered, and compelled him to perform all the rituals to maintain the religious traditions by killing his innocence….

I gave the chocolate to him and he refused tho take it because he was given tho understand that for ten days he will have to follow the rituals which will continuously pinch him deep inside!!

I have gone through this phase and I know these harsh practices… Being an outsider, I was not allowed to speak or question their private matter but all my happiness got vanished …

I prayed for him before the almightily for his life, health and success!! The best I can contribute being an outsider, being and helpless guy…

All my love and wishes for him..


17 thoughts on “The Kid I Met In The Hospital

  1. Though I am pretty used to all this, since I live a life in hospital, your empathy and feelings are commendable. A great human being you are.

    Note: Have you taken verbal consent for posting pictures?

    Liked by 1 person

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