My Love Her Memories !!!

Back to square one!!!  For years in isolation, I have developed a certain relationship with it.. I have goals to achieve… Being alone has become a habit, but at the same time I have transformed into a machine like creature with no sense of humour, no emotions, and nothing of humane …

Isolation offered is own form of companionship, the reliable silence in my life, on my room, the steadfast tranquillity of evenings. The promise that I would find things where I put them, there would be no interruption, no surprises….. I thought it would give me answers to many of my questions which were unresolved.. But later I realised that in a world of diminishing mystery, the unknown persists.

With time people have learned that an act intended to express love could have nothing to do with it. There heart and body are different things… Being native in this I took the chance in the form of giving myself space to accommodate someone else in my life….

And  despite all these harsh realities I loved her, a bookish girl, heedless of her beauty, unconscious of her effect. She had been prepared to live life alone but from the moment I had known her…..still bargaining!!!

Most people trust their future, assuming that their preferred version of it would unfold. But I believe in my strength my will, I decided to follow my heart….

It’s the will that have the world a purpose, and direction…. Not what was there but what was not….

Today is the date when I saw her for the first time in Feb 2015 in the class. She used to sit in the last bench.. She used tho sit quietly, always into her mobile either reading a book or writing something expressing emotions in its raw form….

I used to sit in the first row, seldom I used to look at her, but the way she used to answer questions correctly & get serene presence attracted me…

After many days of observing her, I began to know her a little, slowly we started talking and all started with discussing subjects and doubts which was very obvious. But even after being in talking terms, we haven’t exchanged our numbers yet… and things followed.

Just to celebrate this date, to celebrate this moment that u won’t forget in my life, I wanted to write something on this..

Love and respect
Counting days with a hope to meet you soon….



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