Let’s Save Mothers !!

Was reading a report yesterday that brought tears in my eyes, shook me from inside and I thanked the almighty for not being a girl !!

Yes this is exactly my first thought after reading this report which talked about the rural women,  health  and sexuality..

The last census report 2011 clearly highlighted the adverse sex ratio… We are taking about total fertility rate to be 2.1 so that we can achieve population stability by 2045.. But can we achieve it in this way, where w we are heading to?

Maternal mortality rate…is an important indicator that will showcase results of all our initiatives towards reducing it to 1 per 1000 live births by the end of 12 FYP..( five year plans)..

But how do we do it? In urban area we can understand and expect that people will opt for institutional delivery.. and urban poor will register the name of the pregnant woman in a local health care centre so as to avoid complications !!

Imagine the condition of a rural landless poor woman. For landless poor, the couple used to work together very hard to earn their survival, the moment they realise that they are going to have a baby, they realise that this is going to be a costly affairs, as a result they work even harder. The most shocking news is that, the women work till the ninth month and just before a week she approaches the doctors so as to her admitted…

Now, just imagine a woman with nine month pregnancy working in the field with all sorts of inconvenience and hazards, under harsh weather conditions… In most of such cases either the woman passes away or the baby… In such condition, the woman does not possess the required strength, as a result complications developed ..

I want to address this issue, what are the steps the governing authorities have taken so far. The Indira Gandhi Maternity Care programme. This runs on the principle of reciprocity, meaning it things on the idea of conditional benefits.

It has persuaded people in the rural areas and am hopeful changes will be significant in a positive direction!!!

Love and respect..


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