Reinforce !!

This is October… It’s a month for spreading awareness among people about the breast cancer with a purpose to control this disease and sane lives of those who are suffering and to their family members..

Without going into the reasons and vulnerable section of population, I want to reinforce this objective so that I could fulfil one of goals of persuasion!!

Pink band, ribbon that all the south African players were wearing in this last India and south Africa cricket five  matches one day tournament..

Issues might seem to be common but it’s solution is still a long way ahead… I believe that it can only change people’s mindset, which is perhaps the ultimate objective of persuasion strategy !!!

Just doing my bit ..
Loads of love and respect
Beparvah !!


2 thoughts on “Reinforce !!”

  1. In my practice, most present for examination only when its above stage 2 disease. Dillying-dallying till people can tolerate or not troubling, and like TB, HIV kind stigmas, people hide breast lump too as if its shameful to have one. Ultimately, it leads to an unmanageable state for our doctor fraternity.

    Thanks for raising the alarm.

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