Moving Forward & Not Moving On !!!

11 thoughts on “Moving Forward & Not Moving On !!!”

  1. The song goes, “It’s now or never.” Sometimes we feel that we are at the forefront of a person’s mind but there could be an entirely different story going on behind the scenes. Thinking that you have been put off for later just makes the pain more difficult to bear and prevents you from moving on.

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    1. Exactly, I really didn’t understood, may be because I was very much vulnerable at that time when I met her, I have just lost my mother,
      May be the admiration I have for her was so much that I couldn’t understood,
      Her activities were not of an ordinary friends, but may be I judged it wrong…
      But what I was correct was about my feelings for her,.. I still pray for her, I still go to Temple on her birthday for her success and health.. Sill I could see her in my dreams …
      You are exactly on there point where the pain is.. Thank you so much πŸ™‚

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      1. Hey, anytime. I wish this love thing would go in both directions. That’s so unfair, I know but we have to go with it. Keep praying. I am sure the right answer will be presented to you.

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