How To React !!

The recent attack on Myanmar by Indian army and killed around 18 rebels who have killed some Indian jawans  on Indian soil. With this backdrop, the Indian army attacked them and killed them in a covert operation on Myanmar soil.

The next day, I saw loads of posts in fb which gathered huge appreciation from all corners almost.. It was something shown as a symbol of Indian power and prowess. There were some sentimental people who went on to compare with US. when it attacked Pakistan or Iraq.

Even there were selfie pictures from those jawans who went tho Myanmar for this operation.. Ask these were captured very well in  ToI . Our defence minister was so proud that his every statement on this was self explanatory.

My only concern is that, we live is a multipolar society, a global village exist somewhere  and we know this for sure now that no country can survive being in seclusion and building relationship and collaboration is the only intelligent way to solve issues and mainlining peace ..

The way people of India, media took the issue and praised it, may perhaps not the correct way to put things because by doing this we actually authorised and recognised the breach of another country’s sovereignty which is certainly not required especially when we are having many prospective plans with respect to Act East Policy.

Ideally, after the operation we could have informed the Myanmar government about it silently if not secretly instead of posting selfie of soldiers in fb and uncalculated bold official statements recognising the breach of sovereignty of another country in this global scenario…. We failed to portray what should have been even more appreciated by the world at large..

P.S. These are my personal thought on the issue without any intension of hurting the sentiments of anyone..

May live and prosperity spread on the world… We have many important things to deal with…

Any post related to peace and love…
I would like to dedicate to her..

God bless all
Cheers to humanity, we need to show a better story about the country and not per se our military strength !!


4 thoughts on “How To React !!”

  1. True! It takes a meticulous planning and intelligence inputs to materialise such operations, and Indian army or for that matter, any border army do it umpteen times. Its a regular exercise which remains known to a secret group. The moment this secrecy is breached, you have exposed your defence. At time of Mumbai attacks, terrorists were easily getting all info from live TV display of operation.
    This blatant chest-thumping can break our own ribs.
    As far as breaking sovereignty is concerned, I don’t buy that. Little border skirmishes and intrusions are routine as I said earlier.

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    1. According to law everything is clearly mentioned and there is absolutely no scope of guess work or doubts. There is nothing called little border skirmishes, and you are correct that these are usual practice but certainly not expected from a country that demands a permanent seat at UNSC,

      Secondly my intension in this write up is to clarify one point and that is we should know what tho boast and what tho hide and in this case what we did post attack is not at all justified. Had it been done to China , we would already got a proper answer by now,

      International polity is not a place of emotion, it’s a place where we need vision and this act is certainly not according to me.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts though:)


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