How To React !!

4 thoughts on “How To React !!”

  1. True! It takes a meticulous planning and intelligence inputs to materialise such operations, and Indian army or for that matter, any border army do it umpteen times. Its a regular exercise which remains known to a secret group. The moment this secrecy is breached, you have exposed your defence. At time of Mumbai attacks, terrorists were easily getting all info from live TV display of operation.
    This blatant chest-thumping can break our own ribs.
    As far as breaking sovereignty is concerned, I don’t buy that. Little border skirmishes and intrusions are routine as I said earlier.

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    1. According to law everything is clearly mentioned and there is absolutely no scope of guess work or doubts. There is nothing called little border skirmishes, and you are correct that these are usual practice but certainly not expected from a country that demands a permanent seat at UNSC,

      Secondly my intension in this write up is to clarify one point and that is we should know what tho boast and what tho hide and in this case what we did post attack is not at all justified. Had it been done to China , we would already got a proper answer by now,

      International polity is not a place of emotion, it’s a place where we need vision and this act is certainly not according to me.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts though:)


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