Wish I Could !

Whatever you have taught me without being aware of, is something I will always remember.

Be it the cloud of happiness in the form of 100 happy days or in the stream of pure and selfless love and affection ..

After a long thought I concluded that I have only one option and that is to drown in the various thoughts and colors of your so that I could become all yours..Because it would not be possible to live belonging to someone else !!

I won’t be able to take a single breath away from you, and pull the life from my body away..

For a while I thought about what would be your favorite colour but later I realised whatever the colour might be I just wanna get into the same shade !!!

In the very short period of time I realised that being your feet am happy with your ankle-bells, it has pull out a grace and beauty within me. You acted like a tree and provided shade to me so that I can be happy ..I am happily there below you.. And will always love to be there !!

With loads of love and respect for you
Beparvah !


6 thoughts on “Wish I Could !

    • Yes you are absolutely correct. Wish I could express myself out
      about the change she brought, about the change which is from within but this self realization and self belief is certainly her effort,
      I think I will post soon some handwritten notes directly from my diary… Thank you
      God bless

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      • izza ifzaal says:

        Yeah please do share and that’s good sign if you think about self realization 🙂 I hope all work out best for you

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  1. Thank you …
    I really don’t know what to say about this world of word press, you all are so kind and encouraging..

    And glad that before this distance developed or about to … She introduced me with this world…

    Thank you:)

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