Unfailing Love !!

How do we love ourselves?  This question I asked myself just to realise why am on the verge of being perished…

According to Buddha, “the strength is within.”

It means it’s something which is not something extraneous. And this will help to remove sorrow and suffering.
When you see suffering around  and also inside us.

Then we get motivated to do something, to be someone, in order to reduce the suffering, to bring well being, and in the process we learn that suffering is a fact and escaping it is not the way instead the curiosity to understand why people suffer, will be a constant motivator to keep focus on our work …

Once we understand suffering, then we also see the path that lead to happiness, which is a natural succesor of  suffering.

So the strength may come from your remark, from curiosity, desire tho understand why suffering exist?.. And in order understand the suffering around you, you need to understand and relate the suffering from inside, because it may reflect a collective suffering for example the suffering of earth, and humanity.. etc.

This understanding will only possible through love. If you cannot understand suffering, you will love yourself and when you love yourself, you will be able to love others.

This energy of love will help you to love others and in the process suffering can be taken care of. Meaning thereby, the sensitivity quotient need to be present or to be generated so that sufferings can be tackled.

Love has a great energy that can transform suffering and pain into happiness. So if you love yourself, you can love others also. Those who cannot live themselves, they are dead already but not in medical terms.

For example, a tree have to be healthy,  so that it it robust enough to  provide shelter, and all other things to human mind. So it is important for a tree to be a tree and not less than a tree. Similarly, taking good care of u yourself, you actually live the world !!!

So we need to love yourself, our father and mother in us, our ancestors in us, and the world… Meaning thereby, we all carry a while world inside!!!

All this I came to know from her, she also used to say the same particularly when I was seriously sick and was onto ventilation.

Today, I miss her.. her presence, she was are my strength, a strength like no other, she was my hope, a hope that always kept me motivated and helped me to select the correct path.

In the fullness of her grace and the power that is innate in her name, always lifted me up from scratch!!

My unfailing love for her will not die it is stringer than mountains and way more deeper than oceans.

I hope someday you will read all this
and with this hope is keeping me alive
Miss you terribly!!

Loads and tonnes of love and respect for you…
Beparvah !!!


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