Love Story @ 3 A. M. !!!

Going through the notes from morning 3 am and about to crash… But suddenly I heard a noise, something just slithered over my bag.

I got scared because I was not able to identify what the noise was. Within a fraction of second, something just got slithered over my foot…. I jumped and screamed all of a sudden.

It was something like a rubber, soft, filthy kind of… and my god, it was a tiny Baby Lizard…I went to the wash room and washed my foot properly!!!

I was about to call my friends but it was too early to call, so I skipped the idea and went on to read my notes !!!

I am sharing this incident because few months ago, the similar thing happened to her while she was sitting on her dining chair… When she told me while returning from the coaching, I was laughing badly and this irked her !!! Though I initially asked about the hygiene and all but later it was funny, the way she explained it to me… She hates lizards in fact her fear made her to think like that….

When I experienced the same, I realised what she might have gone through and how irritating it would be when I laughed at the incident !!

The only difference is that, one of her friend told her that “she is so attractive that even the lizards failed to control their emotions” unlike my friends.. Yes her friend was correct I guess !!!!

But following this, I would like to share a story, a love story which will prove both of us that lizards also have all the feelings as we have almost and might her friend was correct saying her attractive !!!

Expressing with flowers is not only human patents love , the animal kingdom is the same.

The lizards love may also be very touching. A male lizard climbed to the top of a plant, to attract the attention of a female lizard with a bouquet of flowers.

Female lizards climb to accept its gifts, they two form a nearly perfect heart-shaped.


But love has never been smooth sailing, the female lizard suddenly fall from the flowers, the male lizard quickly pulled the girlfriend.

The moral here is obvious…. Pls understand … Your absence is killing me from inside….

Loads of love and wishes for you
Beparvah !!!


9 thoughts on “Love Story @ 3 A. M. !!!”

    1. You are also talking like her… N
      Yes it apparently looked like, in fact I was really scared when I first sensed it …and also understood how she might have felt …
      But tried to portray the sweet part of it, the emotional part of it… I find love in everything … 🙂
      Keep smiling. Pls !!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. :). I think I will have to live with this..
        And with her memories I will be happy ever after!!! She has given me many things so that I can live with that in her absence !!!

        Liked by 1 person

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