We Need To Stand !!!!

15 thoughts on “We Need To Stand !!!!”

  1. Hats off & complete respect to your thinking!! And, on the other side of India, we have campaigns for women empowerment!!

    Breaks my heart, but feels nice to see that sane individuals like yourself, will voice their opinions against this barbaric so called “Justice”!!

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    1. Will stand by what I said , going to file an appeal af=gainst this judgment within a day or two..change will not be a distant dream… I promise !!

      thank you for appreciating and supporting 🙂 God bless you !!

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  2. The time to change is here.. Women aren’t toys for pleasure or to mistreated.. we share this world with men and we have the right for everything.. the sooner this is accepted the better it’ll be for the society.. great job here Beparvah

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  3. Thank you so much for all you are doing to fight this. I completely agree with you, Women Empowerment is the much better term. I admire you for writing this post and for all you are doing to make this world a better place! Thank you!

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