A Note Which I Wrote For You Last Sunday :)

There is an old adage which says … We fall in love and we get hurt…. so it’s better not to fall in love !!!

When she asked me about this for the first time, I said the above line and we had a nice debate on love.. She was arguing against my notion of love…

She believed that love makes us stand, it gives a source of energy & strength…
this should be the ultimate motto of love !!

But today I fall in love, but I am just trying to make sure that I fall deep enough to stay there forever..

The trouble for me is, love is such a strong emotion that it made everything else unimportant. It grabbed me and imprisoned me in the moments we spent together !!

The only wish I have is that, wish I would have known you earlier so I could love you longer. 

Some lines for you

Love is an
abstract yet concrete.
It is an emotion yet thought.
It is a noun yet verb.

The more I give, the more I get… right?
Well, no. It doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes we give and give and give and we feel an empty space in return. Because we expects reciprocate behavior… I have learned this and experience or everyday … Though it’s painful!!!

Pure true love has an endless supply.
Pure true love fills me up as I  give it away.

Just to be. Just to give. Through me – not because of me – not for me.

And I want to live in that kind of love
each and every day.


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