Institutionalised Way Of Discriminating !!

Caste in the classroom….. The worst form of educational hazard that I could imagine. In the schools of Tirunelveli (Chennai) caste comes in the shades of red, yellow, green, and saffron.

These colours that students wear on their wrists, foreheads, around their necks and under their shirts started providing an identity to them and started segregating the diverse culture of India. I am worried, scared of the fact that by inculcating seeds of hatred from this age is going to destroy the generations to come.

It is true that southern TN unfortunately witnessed many violent conflicts between OBC and dalits and these bands are nothing but markers that tells children about who is a friend and who is not …it is so painful that the concept of friendship has been reduced to this level..  I have lost a friend or i can say on the verge of losing a dear friend of mine…and its a loss which is irreplaceable…so please do not let that happen in the name of castes, creed or religion …you will regret rest of your life…

All I can see is that such socially and politically powerful hindu and for that comes under the most backward class (MBC) and their influence is really threatening humanity. Similarly any radical community if they walk on these divisive lines and could able to influence policy then our civilisation is under threat !!!

The Thevars (red &yellow), the Nadars (blue& yellow), the Yadavas (saffron) etc are one side, while the students of dalit communitiesof Pallars wear wrist bands in green & red and Arundhatiyars dalits wear green , black and white…

Such practices in TN could be attributed to the lack of political representation of dalit, while they are 20% of the state’s population. Even songs, lockets etc have triggered clashes among students in the recent past; such practices are coincided with the rise of severasl caste- based political parties and movements!!!

I would like to remind you all that on 16 December 2014, seven gunmen affiliated with the Tehrik-i-Taliban (TTP) conducted a terrorist attack on the Army Public School in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar. The militants, all of whom were foreign nationals, included one Chechen, threeArabs and two Afghans. They entered the school and opened fire on school staff and children, killing 145 people, including 132 schoolchildren, ranging between eight and eighteen years of age. This was the deadliest terrorist attack ever to occur in Pakistan, surpassing the 2007 Karachi bombing.  This attack was considered as an attack on the entire civilisation..

The caste-religion division created deliberately in government school shows the instituionalised effort to inculcate the seeds od hatred is nothing less than destroying the upcoming civilization..and there is unfortunately no involvement of outsiders.

This is a big defeat for our democracy which has lost its tolerance quotient in this process. I thank  to the almighty, to the nature that they kept the rainbow out of human reach otherwise it would have been reduced to seven colours only instead of the beautiful spectrum !!!

Love and respect for her as always
and cheers to humanity
not writing this only for the sake of writing a post, but expressing my agony and pain to the prevailing situation and guage the societal responses !!

Beparvah !!


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