Understanding Secularism !!

I believe heterodoxy has a bearing on the development and survival of democracy in India, it also enriches the diversities.

The tolerance of religious diversity is implicitly reflected in India’s having served as a shared home. Explicitly the toleration of diversity could seen in the constitution of India.  It favors richness of diversity and variation, believes in interaction with each other, in mutual respect, etc.

Power of accepting had been missing for long, people cannot accept failure, defeat, restrictions, variations, and cannot accept hate, criticism, etc. This perhaps leads to most of the problems.
In the contemporary secularism has two principle approaches ….

One, neutrality between different religion and second, prohibition of religious associations in state activities. Indian secularism follows the first approaches.

In prohibitory aspect, the central issue was criticised the French decision to ban wearing off head scarves by Muslim women students, such a promotion could not be justified especially on the grounds of secularism, if we accept the neutrality approach which has powerfully emerged in India.

The banning of individual’s freedom to choose what to wear could not be justified. Bring equidistant between different religions does involve rejection of favouring one religion over another, and this could taken to imply that state schools should not follow an asymmetrical policy of brandishing symbols from one religion, while excluding others.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Shiv Sena are touting their allegiance with the Hindu “majority” of India and running amok, creating communal havoc in India. It is clear that the government had actually no control over these fundamental groups which are a part of NDA.

These organisations defend their deeds by announcing themselves as the caretakers of “Hinduism”. I really don’t understand who had told them to take care of a religion. Religion is a big concept and perhaps the most difficult one, it is not been threatened from any counter religion, it does not demand any protection !!!

Recently, in an area of India called Dadri, a muslim man was lynched to death by a mob of “Hindu” activists on the back of rumours that he had been storing and consuming beef in his home. Forensic examination of the meat later revealed it was mutton, but the man was dead by then.

There are many cases of intolerance and ransacking etc, even the issue of Sudheendra Kulkarni is just shameful. Even the home of a Dalit family was set alight and this was the intolerance towards accepting their rise.

India sits on a short communal fuse. All it needs is a spark somewhere to throw it into a full-blown riot and I really been it !!!

I believe that the responsibility lands with ordinary people like myself and you all to speak out against this !!

Often  I have been criticised but the Hindu in me does not discriminate based on surnames, caste and creed. The Hindu in me does not choose to impose my religious preferences on others.

India does not stand for a single religion. India’s strength has always been grounded in the diversity of faiths and beliefs within its citizens. And it must stay that way.

We always talk about sustainable economic and environmental development… But I think we should start to build up and strive for sustainable relationships which will hold the societal fabric, so that we can move towards humanity and celebrate all festivals, enjoy all moments of life with everyone….

We have suffered a lot carrying the baggage of caste and religion based discrimination, but we should not let our next generation to carry the same load!!!

Load of love and respect..
Beparvah !!


4 thoughts on “Understanding Secularism !!”

  1. Brilliant post! As a Muslim, I feel that most Hindu Indians think like you do. Since most of my friends are Hindus, I can say that from personal experience as well. In the 21st century, no one wants to stay stuck in the evil side of religion. We have suffered their consequences too many times, with too much severity.
    Having said that, I believe the onus lies on the Hindu majority to distance itself from its right-wing fringe elements and even actively denounce them (somewhat like you did in this post). The protection of minorities lies in the hands of the majority.
    The Muslims, on the other hand, should stop demanding special treatment. They should stop forming closed groups (or ghettos, if you like) whenever and wherever possible, and assimilate with the pluralistic cultural fabric of our country. Of course, it is unnecessary to mention that distancing themselves from extremist elements, and raising their voices against them, is of utmost importance.
    No one cares for religion when in power. Power and profit are the only things that matter. Gullible people like us think it’s somehow connected to religion. And the so-called defenders of our respective religions exploit that weakness.

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    1. I am a simple guy attended my eid functions during my stay in Lucknow, eat beefs also though I have changed to a vegetarian for some different reasons, I don’t want to see tag of majority and minority, we need to protect everyone who needs protection, we need to help everyone who is in need, we need to love and spread love and compassion where it is deficit, that’s my motto of life !!!

      We need to stand for every human being, enjoy the diversity, and love can bind all of us, because practically there is no difference,

      I have read Quran (English translation), bible, and gita also ( abridged versions)… And the above opinion is what I gained !!

      Always there for the cause of love and providing respect !!?

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  2. That is not possible in a country like India. I’ve seen so many of communal people supporting incidents like dadri and kulkarni’s face blackening because for them, their religion is of utmost importance. I always thought that we the educated Indians will have much more sense of a secular India. But no. Educated people are more staunch believers in their religion. There are only a few secular Indians in this country. And I think we need to empower each other and encourage the nonseculars to follow the suit.

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