When Equality Is Economic !!

” The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in India “, released by Mickinsey Global Institute with a detailed benefits that can accrue to India if it focuses on improving gender parity in the economy.

The report says ” India could boost its GDP by $0.7 trillion in 2025… This translates into 1.4% power year of incremental GDP growth for India. ”

There is much to be gained by enabling greater participation of women in the economy and for that we need to have an effective and efficient empowering programs.

On the Gender Parity score, which measures the level of gender inequality, India is pegged at 0.48( extremely high). Sustainable solution may lie not so much in reservations and quotas at the top, as in greater equality in society beginning at the bottom.

This requires government to ensure that crucial enablers of economic opportunity are identified & addressed..
We have although heard some great schemes such as beti bachao beti padhao, but the truth also is that little had been done tho implement the recommendations of the high level committee on the status of women that were recently submitted !!

I hope showing the carrot of economic interest, the dream of equality might be achieved, but that would be a partial success because this equality should be followed by empowerment which will provide the autonomy to decide it’s disposal of else nothing will be achieved the long run !!

Loads of love and respect


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