Whether I Loved You (Cont.)


I don’t know whether I miss you or not
     But there is no single second so
far, when I haven’t felt you around me!!

I don’t know whether I know you or not
     but, few facts about your strength,
perseverance, optimism and positivity
    etc have been recorded and also been registered in my heart so that I
       can live my life on these lines.

I know success masters to you the
   most perhaps, you appreciates
emotions, feelings and treasure it as an
        experiences both good or
bad, I now you are a very strong woman
   with a blend of power and emotions
           Always remain inspiring!!

I know you love to read short stories of
    O Henry, saw you reading from
your mobile in the class several times
   Each day I used to think about this
passion for reading, but was worried
     about your eyes, so I decided
to gift the book to you before leaving the
             city of Calcutta !!!!!!!

           I know you love tattoos,
But I was scared from the pain that you
  will have to ensure, the pain that will
be inflicted on your body, so I tried  ever
         thing to discourage you !!!!

I know you love to travel a lot, meet
       people and gather various experiences, but at the same time, I was
    fearful about the fact that you will
not find people like me everywhere 🙂

     I know that work is god for you!!
but please take care of yourself as well
    I really don’t know whether to tell
you tell you about the several notes that
      I wrote on your small gestures,
opinions, thoughts and thought process
   because I took them very seriously!!
              I loved them actually

I know that you were upset with Bruno’s
   behavior, therefore I will teach a lesson so that next time whenever you
   come across Bruno, he at least
                 recognize you !!!

I know you might be able to move on
   from this, I know you might take it yet another experience of life to enrich your
   emotions, but believe me it was a real costly venture and I am wiping the tears
   from the corners of my eyes every
                   now and then!!!

But somewhere deep down in my heart
    I believe that you won’t be able to forget me completely, you will cherish
    the nice and lovely moments that
once we shared, and this belief of mine
          had kept me alive so far !!!

Loads of love and best wishes forever
Beparvah !!



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