From Darkness to Darkness !!

14 thoughts on “From Darkness to Darkness !!”

  1. Are these all serious stuff or a blogging delicacy? Somehow I never associate love with depression. The neurotransmitters which are documented with depression like serotonin, are more due to lack of bodily or material pleasures e.g. a toy a kid wanted badly, financial loss, loss of somebody close (death), etc. Love on the other hand is a positive state, above our baseline, which sparks in limbic system. Even if its not there, baseline human state remains which never dips unless associated with material or bodily gains.

    Good blog btw.

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      1. Nah! Was just testing the waters. Have been working on depression for quite some time.

        Actually, lack of love always cause depression, but people like Ghalib and all might have veered it to positive creativity.

        Good luck!

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      2. I can understand, ghalib, he had one sad life, there is no doubt.. His creativity certainly has a positivity but his personal life was just the opposite…
        Thank you so much for reading…. Really means a lot to me 🙂


  2. aji janaab if u can not tolerate pain why have u loved so much ur beloved.always remember dt love demands sacrifice.kisi ki muskraahton pe ho nissar,kisi ká gum le sake to le udhaar,jeena isikà ñaam he………..

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