Whatever I Gained While Losing !!

Everything comes with a baggage
I realised it on the recent past …

Honesty followed by abandonment
Selfless Love is followed by nonchalance !!!

Patience followed by provocation
Sympathy often followed by disgust !!

Ignorance is followed by extreme pain
Happiness if followed by tears …

Always heard from people around that love is magical, it’s a feeling which makes you feel complete, it’s the best form if inspiration, it drives you towards the correct direction in life …… 

Like everyone I also seen this dream, I also felt that someday, may be I also experience this…. may be someday I will also care and love someone…..

I did not searched  for it, I knew that it will come in its own way…in the property time… in the proper place….
Till I completed my 24 birthday, I have not experienced it for someone…

But what I experienced is the loss of my mom… never prepared for it… Yes it changed me overnight… I lost my vision, my goals, my objective…

Only my mother’s words … She wanted to roam around with me wherever I will be posted… because she knew I would not be able to survive on my own….
Small things of her which she used  daily were killing me every now and then….

Several days and months, I used to sleep taking my mother’s saree, holding it tight with a hope that I could sleep…. but nothing worked !!! I knew these are all process of grief … very normal but living it was something difficult….

Wrote many random letters, wish I could share them !! but that may create yet another vacuum in my life so I avoided it…

Our home became a mess…. It was reduced to an apartment…. I realised the importance of a woman in our life, they not only gives birth to us, they protect us, support us, hold us in tough situations…. our existence surely depends upon themselves !!!!

While I was going through the severe crisis, I met my love, I have already wrote many things about her in my blog so I won’t repeat them…. but she realised me my worth, she called my happiness … That’s a different story that today I am left alone again… but those memories will help me to live my remaining life 🙂

On the contrary everyday , reading news on crimes against women, discrimination and barbaric activities are something which led my head down in shame and sheer pain ..

Do we need special awareness programs to understand the importance of women…. That would be the biggest defeat of our civilisation.

Please understand !! respect them…. until it’s too late…. I will be writing posts everyday with a hope that these daily doses will be just a reminder…

We need to love them, respect them, appreciate their sacrifice and worth, for our own good !!!



2 thoughts on “Whatever I Gained While Losing !!”

  1. This is such a moving piece of writing. I am so sorry for your loss. This is unquantifiable. And I am happy that you learned (and were helped) to pick up the pieces and continue living your life.

    Moreover, this statement of yours is one of the best things you’ve said:
    “Do we need special awareness programs to understand the importance of women…. That would be the biggest defeat of our civilisation”

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