My Dilemma !!

Uber cab service, a nice corporatisation of transport system stated in India in the recent past… It had a nice start until the rape incident happened by one of their driver Shiv Kumar Yadav.

Recently Delhi HC sentenced life term imprisonment to raping a 25 year old passenger last December. However the survivor got married around a month ago to her fiance tho whom she got engaged prior to the rape. She has moved on, got married, settled in abroad with a new job.

On this punishment, the survivor’s family showed their satisfaction with the quantum of punishment…. Too much emotional side, the attainment of justice finally reimposed their faith in the judiciary… This is one side of the story…

The other side of the story is a little complicated, it’s about victimology , it’s about the emotional side of the family members of the convict… and about their sufferings for which they are absolutely not liable…. Is it not important for the court to look into their agony also so as to reach to complete justice ?

During the trial of Shiv Kumar Yadav, his wife was standing in one corner of the court room along with her two daughters, holding them tight !!! For 90 min. she heard e prosecution’s arguments and defence counsel’s arguments about the quantum of punishment for her husband.

When the judgment came, she broke down in tears, she ran to her husband and held onto him and refused to let go despite many security….  She fell unconscious as her daughters watched her helplessly. She crumpled to the floor. After she remained her senses, she say next tho her husband, silent and holding hands… Later he was taken tho Tihar Jail.

What you all call this ? She is a woman, she is aware of the fact that what heinous act her husband has committed to another woman but despite that she held onto him…. This ethical conflict has no correct or wrong answer it is about us to think… Leaving it up to you all..

In view of the financial condition of Shiv Kumar Yadav, the court has directed the Delhi Legal Service Authority to provide compensation to the convict’s family.

But looking at this situation, I have no particular answer with me. Am happy that the 25 year old girl who faced such a horrific attack on her soul finally got the justice, on the contrary, I am not able to face the eyes of the two little daughters of the convict… tears of his wife….

There is no doubt that their future is going to be difficult but one thing I would like to tell that, the way the judiciary care about the life of the rape survivor, similar case is required to the convict’s family in such cases so that they should not carry the baggage of the past.

Loads of love and respect..


6 thoughts on “My Dilemma !!”

  1. right.all women have feelings of tolerance n forgiveness and too want supporter n economicly help for thier family after knowing husband’s fault. bt criminal do not think is fault of our family’s system n judicary is needed for education n improvment on social level n judgmental level.Alas.government’s system is not satisfisd . her all actions r dramatic.

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