My Love !!

To my love !!
Who has endured so much pain
with a smile 🙂
Your endurance has taught me enough & changed me completely ..

I did remember every single word of yours!!!

Did you remember the first jumbled word which we solved …
It was ” AVIAN” that morning,
well that was the best morning I had after a long gap !!

The Sudoku & the crossword were
used to be our best companion
in the classes especially
when it belongs to MG !!

But today, in your absence, I am
losing my sanity, my balance of right and wrong, no more jumble words
or sudoku…. With everyday
I am losing my life’s agenda!!!

Cannot think of success without you
Want to celebrate  everyday with you,
Whatever be the reason is …
Do I need separate reason to be
happy when you are around me ??
Certainly not !!!

There are loads of memories of yours
that comes in my mind,
They create  some wonderful pictures
deep inside my heart, how
can I forget them
the way you wanted??

Plethora of topics that I
want to discuss with you as always..
but I doubt myself whether I
would be able to say all that
what I want to,  because
often I fumble in front of you.  !!!!

Soon I would say all that I want to
Don’t move too fast to avoid !!
The story which we lived,
cannot end this way !!
If at all it has to end  🙂

The distance and ignorance is
getting intolerable !!
Consuming my soul, my body from
within … Loads of questions remained unanswered … Don’t know how
we still manage to keep quiet !!!

Despite the web of emotions has trapped my heart, left my eyes
wet all the time…
Still my intensity of love has increased especially with this distance
I don’t know what to do….

But I trust you more than I trust myself
and I believe that with time and
space, we can understand each
other’s importance…. Till then
the distance and time will play it’s role

Please understand, no hurry !!
I will wait rest of my life!!
Loads of love and respect…
for you ..

Beparvah !!


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