Planning Is Everything !!!

24 thoughts on “Planning Is Everything !!!”

  1. Good luck for your goals. I just wanted to tell you that, “Life is something, that happens to you, when you’re planning something else.” *Evil Grin*
    Take Care! 🙂

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  2. not only urs life bt all livings r doz books r as story’s books of alonely acciđentiel events.eàch acciđent r automaticaly shouĺd be written by lu ćk wherever each person suffer n face situation either a little bit or most.someone forget all dt for adjustment n someones become BEPARVAAH or rosyevening or as same.write n note aĺl accdents with its blackside ñ happy side.HARDY said in his novel’Far from d madding crowd’dt LIFE GIVE US TO forget all dt n write some new thing on ur notebook n remind others about special good or bad events.yeah,life demands planning bt how much she acchives nobody n love r beutiful gifts of god.liveliness n death is not in ur hand so u have no right to take any decision.every life has its happy n enjoy every moments of ur life.i wish u for fulfilment as u wànt.without love nobody can write.d love n writer r immortál…..aaj hum apni duaoñ ka asaer dekhengd ,teerenazar dekhen,jàkhms jigar5tr dekhenge………..if u mind ,please sorry.;vese i m going to search ur beloved.happy diwali vd coloùrfull JINDADILI.


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