Entitle To Celebrate

There are lightings all around the place
     With different shapes & designs..
  People are filled with joy, smiles all around, some with reasons & some
   times without… After years I have attended the puja in our community….
It was something like a scheduled
activity which was supposed to happen
People gathered in the evening, children
    performed, prize distribution for the
   at competition that took place in the
morning, drama, a music performance..

     As we celebrated diwali in a conventional way, there was somewhat
   different celebration crematorium
on the Pune-Mumbai highway. The best
    way to celebrate the festival by
raising voice against superstitions !!!!

The anti superstition activists, and local
    working group of dalits gathered
and recited poems, songs to dispel the
   myths about the crematorium and
Amavasya… The programme, called “amavsyevhya pavitra ratri- smashanat
      kavi sammelan”, organised by
Maharashtra Andhasjtaddha Nirmulan
                  Samiti…(MANS) !!!

The entry was free, about 20 artists
     from different parts of Pune. It
was attended by 500 people… I found
    this to be a great initiative which
will strive to end evil from the society,
   a real objective behind all religion

This will perhaps make this puja and
    religious gatherings and festival
more accessible, because everyone
     is equally entitle to enjoy and
             celebrate festivals !!!

Loads of love and wishes …


3 thoughts on “Entitle To Celebrate”

  1. wow.u r a broadminded n so much nice.that is right dt v should enlighten our hearts before enlighten home n celebration. Beparvaah D great.rishta dil ka dil se aitbaar ka;zinda he humi se naam pyaar ka;ke marke bhi kisi ko yaad aayenge;kisi ki muskurahaton me muskurayenge;jeena isi ka naam he………

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