Mera Phla Pyaar Kuch Is Tarah Ghum Ho Gaya !!!

Kitabe jhankti hain band almari ke
       shesho se, bari hasrat se
taakti hain , mahino ab mulakat nahi
                         hoti !!!!

Jo shamein unke sath kata krti thi
    Ab aksar ktati hain kamputer
ke pardo par, bari bechain rahti hain
    kitabein , unhe ab neend mein
chalne ki aadaat par gai hain, Jo rishte
  vo sunati thi vo ab udhre udhre hain..

Kitabon se Jo zati rabta tha, kat gaya
  gaya hain aaj, Kabhi sine par rakh
let jate the, to kabhi godi par lete the !!!
  Par vo jo mila karte the sukhe fulon
ki ajeeb si, pyaari so khusbu, vo Jo aati
   thi unke sath dher saari yaadein,
Vo Jo kitabein rakhne maangne, girne
  aur uthane ke bahane rishtein bante
the unka ab kya hoga !!! Yahi soch ke
    is kahani ko yahin samapth karta
                           hoon !!!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Mera Phla Pyaar Kuch Is Tarah Ghum Ho Gaya !!!

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  1. I like how kitaaben is associated with rishte especially the line “vo jo kitaben maangne rakhne, girne uthaane se rishte bane, unka kya hoga?”Reminds me of the Bollywood bump into a guy and books fall and you find your soulmate while helping to pick the books haha.
    My hindi is a bit weak, what does samapath mean? I am doing guesswork : Does it mean conclude or end?

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  2. u have used nice urdu words beutifully n firstly.i m amajed to read ur urdu poem.asAliaZahra said dt event has seen in “Mere Mahboob”, d old ur beloved’s story has such lovely n innocent events?if yes,i pray for u “Mere mahboob tujhe meri mohabbat ki kasam;fhir mujhe apani yaadon ka sahara de de;mera khoya hua rangin nazara de de……”God bless u.

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    1. Loads of such memories…
      Just waiting for the correct time which she believes to be perfect to start afresh..
      Aur tab tak I will wait…. I cannot force her, but certainly I cannot move on !!
      Thank you got your appreciation and blessing .. 🙂


  3. kitaabon se jaati rabata banaye rakhnaa;ho sake to unke liye alag se aalmaari sajaaye rakhna;kyonki ye sachche dost ki manind hoti he ;uu daasiyan hon ya tanhaiyan ye rahnruon(guide) ki manind hoti he….
    in real i have many books n read all them.gar vo na hoti saath mere; jis pe marte the kab ka mita diya hota;duniya badi sangdil he ,mujh bacha liya tune dost mere……!

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