Mera Phla Pyaar Kuch Is Tarah Ghum Ho Gaya !!!

10 thoughts on “Mera Phla Pyaar Kuch Is Tarah Ghum Ho Gaya !!!”

  1. I like how kitaaben is associated with rishte especially the line “vo jo kitaben maangne rakhne, girne uthaane se rishte bane, unka kya hoga?”Reminds me of the Bollywood bump into a guy and books fall and you find your soulmate while helping to pick the books haha.
    My hindi is a bit weak, what does samapath mean? I am doing guesswork : Does it mean conclude or end?

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  2. u have used nice urdu words beutifully n firstly.i m amajed to read ur urdu poem.asAliaZahra said dt event has seen in “Mere Mahboob”, d old ur beloved’s story has such lovely n innocent events?if yes,i pray for u “Mere mahboob tujhe meri mohabbat ki kasam;fhir mujhe apani yaadon ka sahara de de;mera khoya hua rangin nazara de de……”God bless u.

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    1. Loads of such memories…
      Just waiting for the correct time which she believes to be perfect to start afresh..
      Aur tab tak I will wait…. I cannot force her, but certainly I cannot move on !!
      Thank you got your appreciation and blessing .. šŸ™‚


  3. kitaabon se jaati rabata banaye rakhnaa;ho sake to unke liye alag se aalmaari sajaaye rakhna;kyonki ye sachche dost ki manind hoti he ;uu daasiyan hon ya tanhaiyan ye rahnruon(guide) ki manind hoti he….
    in real i have many books n read all them.gar vo na hoti saath mere; jis pe marte the kab ka mita diya hota;duniya badi sangdil he ,mujh bacha liya tune dost mere……!

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