The Game Of Death !!!

   The death toll proved this to be the
deadliest terrorist attack in the French
    history that cost around 129 lives
so far, along with 129 families, their ….
    dreams, aspirations and all !!

It was something new and horrific show
   that Bataclan hall had never seen
and  experienced in the past … This will
always be remembered by the people
in France & also the people all around
    the world as one of the horrific  
                   bloodshed !!!!!

Reports says that terrorists hits at six
   places but the terror is yet again
reaffirmed in the hearts of millions !!!!
   Though President Hollande stuck
a defiant tone, saying “we ate going to
  lead a war, it will tracking down and
eliminating those connected with these
                       attacks !!!!!!

This post actions & thereby to tracking
    and eliminating is another most crucial step which should be done
    without any prejudice to any
community because that will create
  grounds for non belongingness
which will later be used by the culprits…
  in the name of religion & community.

However, the bloodshed that had taken
   place is caused by the Islamic State
as they claimed the responsibility.. This
   is a Game of Anachy which is built
and destroyed by the governance and
                  these groups….

I am sure that IS are not only involved
   in such heinous genocide but also
also defaming the Islamic religion that
   is certainly beyond their capacity
of understanding… They use religion as
   a tool which will lead to some sort
of discrimination and in return provide
   them some more soldiers…. This
vicious circle needs to be broken into
   pieces for routing out terrorism…

P.S. My heart cries for those who lost their beloved which is irreplaceable but by our sensible and cautious steps, we can find an end to this !!!!

My friend a Muslim friend of mine lives in Paris (Henaz) along with her husband , who used to send me halwa in every eid…is all right and that’s the first thing I confirmed because I care for her…. this fellow feeling must not die
come what may !!!

Loads of love and respect..
Beparvah !!


13 thoughts on “The Game Of Death !!!

  1. I think a backlash against all Muslims would suit Islamic State very well. They want everybody to hate each other. People should use their common sense and be careful to target their anger only at those who deserve it: the terrorists themselves.

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  2. Thank you for this post and for support to Muslims. It really is heartening that IS is defaming Islam. Makes it harder for us girls with hijabs to walk freely without having to listen to taunts here in Australia. We condemn IS and any terrorist attack as much as the next person. Sadly our voice is drowned in the chaos and furore. The people of Paris are in my prayers.

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  3. The most common victims of IS are the Muslims. And they call themselves the “Islamic State?? What a shame!! They should have read the verses of Qur’an before firing in the name of Allah. A bunch of shitheads

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    • Exactly my point, some p people are using words without knowing the meaning because they are not capable of that…. But what id’s painful is that we all are bring used !!!
      We will change things and not wait for the change to come !!!

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