The Game Of Death !!!

13 thoughts on “The Game Of Death !!!”

  1. I think a backlash against all Muslims would suit Islamic State very well. They want everybody to hate each other. People should use their common sense and be careful to target their anger only at those who deserve it: the terrorists themselves.

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  2. Thank you for this post and for support to Muslims. It really is heartening that IS is defaming Islam. Makes it harder for us girls with hijabs to walk freely without having to listen to taunts here in Australia. We condemn IS and any terrorist attack as much as the next person. Sadly our voice is drowned in the chaos and furore. The people of Paris are in my prayers.

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  3. The most common victims of IS are the Muslims. And they call themselves the “Islamic State?? What a shame!! They should have read the verses of Qur’an before firing in the name of Allah. A bunch of shitheads

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    1. Exactly my point, some p people are using words without knowing the meaning because they are not capable of that…. But what id’s painful is that we all are bring used !!!
      We will change things and not wait for the change to come !!!

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