Thought Process At 2:15 am

My alarm was set to ring at around 4 am, but at around 2:15 am, I woke up… after a power nap of 2:15 hours… I checked my mobile, texts, mail, fb etc with a hope that she might have left a message !!!

We used to read like this, over night.. 17-19 hours a day..was nothing to us
and both of us used to encourage to complete the mammoth syllabus …
But this time…. I miss her…

Yes I miss you…
You are irreplaceable !!!
I miss those exchange of notes through evernote.. It was you dear who taught me the way to use evernote, after the class with a box of full of guavas !!!

Never forget these things, I know you will not; there is someone who is living for you !!!

Wherever you go in the coming life… always remember that somebody’s living for you….

May you be safe and achieve great heights of success wherever you go
This is the only wish my heart wants

My eyes have been awake, and they have cried. They are filled with the pain that I received in love.. Will treasure them till I device tho move to a different world !!!

Why after meeting you, every moment
I miss you . Be it happiness or sadness, my heart always searched for you, because it is your presence that gives a proper meaning to both happiness and sadness….

Just remember that someone is living for you. !!!!
Loads of love and respect…
Missing you..

Beparvah !!!


22 thoughts on “Thought Process At 2:15 am”

  1. do’nt be depressd.aapka beloved chehe mile na mile but she will live in ur heart as ur Γ‘spirairation n i n like me is always like u. Γ‘nd ur beloved will has been sung alway sung – – -rahe na rahe hum ,mahakaa karenge banke kΓ‘li banke saba baag -e -bafaab me

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  2. That’s something I have tremendous respect for. May you get this person you are longing for. I sense honest , steadfastness of love which is so uncommon. Keep your hopes high. Don’t lose a sight of this dream of yours. Stick to this love and you’ll get the best.
    Take care πŸ™‚

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      1. Thank you so much….
        Exchanging my days with life in this hope only…. I refuse to think the way people believe…. I cannot move on…. But I can live the way either with her bring happy n lucky or with her memories, pictures, rest of my life…
        She is irreplaceable

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      2. This feeling will help me tho realize the worth of happiness when she will come … (If at all) and if not then, the hope that she will come and understand some day will help me to respire and live hope another day & so on !!!

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      3. Pls don’t be sad…
        An realty sorry that I made you sad with my story….
        But thought more I am left with nothing more than this!!! Keep smiling πŸ™‚
        Any ways sorry n god bless!!!!

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