Thought Process At 2:15 am

22 thoughts on “Thought Process At 2:15 am”

  1. do’nt be depressd.aapka beloved chehe mile na mile but she will live in ur heart as ur Γ‘spirairation n i n like me is always like u. Γ‘nd ur beloved will has been sung alway sung – – -rahe na rahe hum ,mahakaa karenge banke kΓ‘li banke saba baag -e -bafaab me

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  2. That’s something I have tremendous respect for. May you get this person you are longing for. I sense honest , steadfastness of love which is so uncommon. Keep your hopes high. Don’t lose a sight of this dream of yours. Stick to this love and you’ll get the best.
    Take care πŸ™‚

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      1. Thank you so much….
        Exchanging my days with life in this hope only…. I refuse to think the way people believe…. I cannot move on…. But I can live the way either with her bring happy n lucky or with her memories, pictures, rest of my life…
        She is irreplaceable

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      2. This feeling will help me tho realize the worth of happiness when she will come … (If at all) and if not then, the hope that she will come and understand some day will help me to respire and live hope another day & so on !!!

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      3. Pls don’t be sad…
        An realty sorry that I made you sad with my story….
        But thought more I am left with nothing more than this!!! Keep smiling πŸ™‚
        Any ways sorry n god bless!!!!

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