My feelings !!!!

A purpose of human life, no matter who
   is controlling it, is to love whoever
is around to be loved!!!  With love, I think
  life is attached, love for human being
love for nature, & love for someone with
  whom we decide to live rest of our
life. I know that today I might be crying
  my heart out, but I have no control
over my heart… I realised that yes, love
  is a an untamed force, when we try
to control it, it destroys us, when we try
  imprison it, it enslaves us and when
we try to understand it, it leaves us total
   confused and lost !!! I have fallen in love and actually searching the missing
                 piece of myself !!  

I just want to say that without honesty I
  don’t have anything. I m filled with you & am trying every aching day to fathom.
   the beauty of our symmetry, and
understand how two bodies can live so
              well, inside one soul !!

I thought about it many times as to why
   should I not respect the live that my parents gave me? But today I am clear
   the love I have for her has nothing
to do with what I am to expecting to get
   only with what you are expecting to
give, which is everything !!! I know that
  love is already been defamed by
many.. Love doesn’t need to be equal or
  or be fair, it only needs to be real !!!

As I believe may love is composed of a 
  single soul inhabiting two bodies &
in the same way I feel you dear in my
    veins… It’s a life time experience,
once in a while, thought in the middle
  of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. It’s  best & most beautiful feeling
             that one cannot see…

It is true that today an living my life with
  a hope; hope that my honesty will be
paid. my faithfulness will be honoured,
   hope that my feelings will one day
get transferred and she would get back
to me. I will wait till things are settled
positively… Because I cannot move on

I feel I d very much into her… I feel that   It’s much easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time….
   But I opening up your soul to someone, letting them go know your
  spirits, thoughts, future,  hopes,
fears and dreams… That’s being naked!!
As I have shared all this with her &
      I will continue to wait for her…

Loads of love and respect… for her !!!!!
Beparvah !!!


2 thoughts on “My feelings !!!!”

    1. I think when it happens, it happens just like that… it demands no calculations, often we don’t plan it, we fail to control our emotions though we can control the expression of it…. I loved a person because it just happened, I have not planed it, this feeling for someone cannot be tamed until we a heart… How can we control our emotion when we see god in someone …
      Thus I thought, I can use the word untamed!

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